Jason Sudeikis And Kenan Thompson Did 'What Up With That' On 'SNL' This Week — Let Us All Rejoice

I could watch 'What Up With That' one million more times and still not be tired of it.

10/24/2021 7:55:00 PM

I could watch 'What Up With That' one million more times and still not be tired of it.

I could watch 'What Up With That' one million more times and still not be tired of it.

NBCHowever — unlike every single other time we've seen this sketch — Lindsey Buckingham (played by Bill Hader) wasn't there! But we did get, even though Diondre was convinced that it was actually Lindsey in a Cousin Greg costume.NBCThe actual Lindsey Buckingham was on the show a couple of weeks ago playing with Halsey. Irony!

Diondre started interviewing Oscar Isaac about his new projects, but quickly interrupted him to sing the show's theme song again...NBC...which he continued doing, introducing more nonsensical musical guests each time, eventually descending into chaos.

Tap to play or pause GIFTap to play or pause GIFNBCThis time the guests were Steve Bartman (if you are young and don't know who that is,) and the BeeGees. Look, I'd never argue that"What Up With That" has ever made any kind of sense, but how can you mind when it's so goofy and joyful? headtopics.com

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Before long, they were out of time, with Diondre having once again ignored his guests.NBCIf there's one thing Diondre Cole is gonna do, it's disregard actual celebrities in order to sing the same song seven times with his friends, then pretend he feels bad about it.

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Me too!! Can’t get the song outta my head 🤪 Me too!!! So glad they brought it back. It’s been too long!! 🤣🤣

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