20 Times Lorelai Gilmore Was The Greatest TV Mom Ever

'I love you. You're the greatest kid in the world. And you're in a skirt. Keep your knees closed.'

2/28/2021 5:18:00 PM

'I love you. You're the greatest kid in the world. And you're in a skirt. Keep your knees closed.'

'I love you. You're the greatest kid in the world. And you're in a skirt. Keep your knees closed.'

1.When Lorelai went out of her way to take Rory on a tour of her dream school Harvard.Warner Bros. Television2.When Lorelai learned that the cops raided a party because Jess and Dean got into a fight"over" Rory.Warner Bros. TelevisionWhen she swallowed her pride and asked Emily and Richard to pay for Chilton.

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Warner Bros. Television4.And she agreed to have a weekly dinner with them, despite it being the last thing she wanted to do.Warner Bros. Television5.When she encouraged Rory to truly mourn her first breakup by eating junk food and crying.Warner Bros. Television

6.When Lorelai ran around like a chicken without a head to get Rory ready for Yale when she misread her move-in date.Warner Bros. Television7.When she offered unwavering support and love to Rory after she drunkenly broke down due to her complicated relationship with Logan. headtopics.com

Warner Bros. TelevisionWhen Lorelai gave Rory extremely sage advice.Warner Bros. Television9.When Rory was freaking out about being alone with Sherry while she was giving birth, so Lorelai drove up there to Boston.Warner Bros. TelevisionWhen she assessed the concept of Rory and Jess.

Warner Bros. TelevisionWhen Lorelai and Rory went cake tasting.Warner Bros. Television12.When she threw Rory the sweet 16th birthday party she wanted after Emily hijacked her original party.Warner Bros. Television13.When Lorelai bought Rory souvenirs even though Rory was the one who went on a trip.

Warner Bros. Television14.When Lorelai immediately hugged crying Rory at the dance marathon, even though she had no idea what was wrong.Warner Bros. TelevisionWhen she talked to Rory about how she missed Max.Warner Bros. Television16.When she threw her back out and still managed to make Rory a beautiful dress for her school dance.

Warner Bros. TelevisionWhen she fully got on board with Rory's idea to devil-egg Jess's car.Warner Bros. TelevisionWhen Lorelai stayed the night at Rory's dorm because she was nervous about starting college.Warner Bros. TelevisionWhen she didn't put up with Rory's shit after she slept with married Dean. headtopics.com

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Warner Bros. Television20.And when she left the safety and comfort of living with her parents to strike out and make her own life with Rory. Read more: BuzzFeed »

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