1 killed, firefighter injured after fire ignites while crews gave Mesquite man oxygen

1 killed, firefighter injured after fire ignites while crews gave Mesquite man oxygen

1/12/2022 4:13:00 PM

1 killed, firefighter injured after fire ignites while crews gave Mesquite man oxygen

One person was killed and a firefighter was injured battling a blaze at a Mesquite apartment complex after a call for a medical emergency, authorities say....

The man died, but it is unclear if he died before or during the fire.“We had the fire get into the attic and run through the entire attic,” Mesquite fire spokesman Lt. Jon Moore told Channel 11. “The crews were without any kind of gear on, again the apartment had completely flashed. It was a lot of fire in the apartment.”

The fire spread through the attic and then to 10 to 20 apartments,Moore told KXAS-TV (NBC5).A firefighter was taken to the hospital for burns, Channel 11 reported. The extent of the firefighter’s injuries weren’t clear Wednesday morning.The Red Cross and city emergency management officials were helping the residents who were displaced from their homes, NBC5 reported. It is unclear how many residents were affected.

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