Workers face first commute since Plan B axed as masks in classrooms end

Workers face first commute since Plan B axed as masks in classrooms end

1/20/2022 8:40:00 AM

Workers face first commute since Plan B axed as masks in classrooms end

Boris Johnson announced Plan B measures would be axed with work-from-home guidance scrapped immediately.

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Johnson expected to set out plan to lift Plan B coronavirus restrictionsBoris Johnson will chair a meeting of the Cabinet on Wednesday and then update MPs on Plan B measures. Words can neither qualify how helpful your guidance and advice has been to me. I am and will be forever grateful for all your advice and guidance during my enrollment on your platform SamAndCoTradin

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Boris Has Scrapped Plan B But Scientists Think It's An Awful IdeaSoon you won't need to wear a face mask, work from home, or show a Covid pass. Thoughts? Yes. No Probably but anything to take the heat off Johnson....

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