Rebel Tories launch plan to oust Boris as ministers turn on him over 'partygate'

One backbencher has reportedly dubbed the plan 'Operation Rinka' - in reference to the dog killed in the Jeremy Thorpe scandal.

1/18/2022 5:20:00 PM

Rebel Tories are said to have launched an operation - called Operation Rinka - to oust Boris Johnson after it was reported he plans to sack officials in order to save himself.

One backbencher has reportedly dubbed the plan 'Operation Rinka' - in reference to the dog killed in the Jeremy Thorpe scandal.

One backbencher trying to oust the the prime minister recalled a phrase favoured by former US president Ronald Reagan – ‘dance with the one that brung ya’.The MP said: ‘He’s not dancing with the people that brung him into Downing Street.’A senior government source said Johnson’s problem was different from his predecessor Theresa May’s – who was forced to resign over her failure to get a Brexit deal through parliament.

‘It only takes a dozen letters from each group to get you close to the 54 you need [to trigger a no confidence vote in the prime minister], so it’s harder to keep them all down at once,’ the source said.TimesHealth minister Maria Caulfield said the spirit of the rules were broken (Picture: PA)

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Good luck 🤞. Oust him before he turns this country into total ruin and laughing stock not nice

‘Operation Rinka’: rebel Tories up pressure on Boris Johnson to resignNicknamed after dog shot in Thorpe affair, plan afoot to oust PM over Downing Street parties scandal Better now than later 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 I understand that due to the increasing prevalence of canine issues in the Partygate inquiry, Sue Gray’s role is now being taken over by the Chairman of Crufts. What are they distracting us from? Keeping this going is hiding other stuff.

Tuesday briefing: Rebel Tories deploy Operation RinkaPlan to increase pressure on Boris Johnson to quit … first images show Tonga under veil of ash following eruption … and why we miss office life Wtf? This is an astonishing number of operations for a party that trashed the NHS. And I have Rishi’s new List of Ministers, do u want a sneak peek?

Tories Find Solace In 'God Save The Queen' As Boris Johnson Deploys 'Operation Red Meat'Meanwhile, Nadine Dorries asks MPs 'what is wrong with playing God Save The Queen?' in patriotism flex. When they've got literally zero viewers, officially I guess that won’t be Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nghadau though? abolishthemonarchy 👈🏻👌🏻

Hugh Grant calls Tories ‘insecure nut jobs’ over plans to ‘destroy’ the BBCCulture secretary Nadine Dorries has said Tories will change BBC funding in 2027 He's got a point or two. Those defending the BBC are idiots can’t they see the British public hate the licence fee and the BBC If the BBC are destroyed, it will mean that the ultrarich get a monopoly in British mainstream media. That's what they want. They don't want ANYTHING that runs counter to the corporate redtop party line.

Nish Kumar calls Tories ‘p***ed-up cultural vandals’ over BBC licence fee scrapping‘P***ed-up cultural vandals’: Nish Kumar and Armando Iannucci criticise Tories over plans to scrap licence fee well it’s a stealth tax and needs to go but the caveat of if they are still in government in 5 years time suggests ths is a desperate ploy to salvage their current lack of popularity. What's wrong with cancelling the licence fee. If they do not want to do advertising as most others do. Then they should operate a subscription or pay per view service. Instead of making it a criminal offence to watch TV without a licence. Even if the person is not watching BBC.

Why are the Tories pulled to the right by breakaway parties, but Labour are pulled to the centre?The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from trivial flights of fancy to profound scientific and philosophical concepts