Will mortgages become more expensive? and other Budget questions

Budget questions from readers on a range of topics.

10/28/2021 6:21:00 PM

What does the Budget mean for you? BBCYourQuestions answered on the spending plans announced on Wednesday

Budget questions from readers on a range of topics.

Getty ImagesHow can the chancellor get away with reducing tax on short haul flights just before the UK hosts COP26? (Marilyn Taylor)Mr Sunak has already faced a lot of questions and criticism about the timing of his decision - and should expect more.He argues that lowering air passenger duty on flights between airports in the four UK nations is balanced by increasing the rate of tax from April 2023 on very long-haul flights (over 5,500 miles).

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He also says domestic flights account for under 5% of total aviation emissions. In the end, it looks like it was a balancing act for the chancellor between the government's levelling-up agenda and climate considerations.Image source,Getty ImagesWas anything mentioned for pensioners and how they are going to manage this winter? (Sandie Parkin)

This was a tough Budget for pensioners, owing to the absence of specific policies for them.We already knew that the state pension will go up by 3.1% next April. It would have been much higher had the government not decided totemporarily end its triple-lock promise

.But with prices predicted to rise at a rate of 4% a year, that becomes a real-terms cut in income. Also, the chancellor chose not to extend current support for low-income pensioners with their energy bills.Why are some of the chancellor's changes dated from 2023? A lot can change by then. (Paul Amphlett, Sandhurst)

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Sunak: Today’s Budget delivers a stronger economyUK is recovering faster than its major competitors from Covid, says Chancellor Rishi Sunak Of course a fast recovery is good but wasn’t our crash deeper than most of our major competitors?

Newspaper headlines: Rishi's new age budget as Queen pulls out of COP26The chancellor's Budget plans and the Queen deciding not to attend a climate summit lead the papers. We know... you've been banging on about this all evening Bankers wax fat as UK returns to feudalism. Tory dreams of removing education, health and housing from anyone outside their class is almost reality - courtesy of BorisJohnsons' cabinet of clowns. Clement Attlee's and Nye Bevan's gifts should have been jealously guarded.

Rishi Sunak's Budget pledge to build economy fit for futureRISHI Sunak will today unveil his ambitious plan to build an economy fit for the future and usher in 'a new age of optimism'. Take small steps first and repair the economy you’ve f***ed up !