Sunak: Today’s Budget delivers a stronger economy

The UK is recovering faster than its major competitors from Covid says the chancellor.

10/27/2021 6:51:00 PM

UK is recovering faster than its major competitors from Covid, says Chancellor Rishi Sunak

The UK is recovering faster than its major competitors from Covid says the chancellor.

Budget 2021: Rishi Sunak on UK economy recovering after CovidCloseThe UK is recovering faster than its major competitors from Covid, the chancellor has told MPs.Opening his 2021 Budget, Rishi Sunak spoke about the direction of employment, investment, public service, wages and debt levels.

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Will you be fact checking this? Could this apparent so called recovery be to the massive number of pensions and allowances not paid out in the last 18 months for very sad and obvious reasons. And you called him on it yeah? This is a new definition of the word 'recovering' with which I am unfamiliar. BS Is Mike Graham working for the BBC now ?

Stop with your unresearched nonsense!!! Fkoff Dear BBC news, as we say in Glasgow, dae wan. Scottishindependence12 Is that actually truthful enough to warrant using as a headline word for word ? Last I checked UK is actually leading the way on all fronts at the wrong end of the league table. Is he high during working hours too ? Where’s he getting his so called facts and figures from ? Prices for everyday goods and services are peaking high while households incomes are going down, did he forget to take that in to account?

UK economy to regain pre-Covid peak at year-end – OBRThe Office for Budget Responsibility now believes the economy will return to its pre-Covid level at the ‘turn of the year’.

Deluded Is this a party political broadcast? Vaccine can't protect you from catching COVID... Competitors? Wondering if human immunity is a factor 🤷‍♂️ I'm disgusted that you think it's OK to tweet that without comment Maybees it's 'World beating' Most daily cases and deaths in Europe 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

You wouldn’t think so. Looking at the cost of petrol, gas coupled with food shortages. I wonder what world they are looking at

‘Plan B’ Covid measures could cost UK economy £18bn, documents suggestLeaked documents by Treasury and Covid taskforce are based on five-month stint of home working in England It’s just Plan A again but every time Chris Witty speaks he’s drowned out but air horns. I can't find the article here , but when you talk about nhs test and trace, please, in the title explain it is not nhs but private firms paid by the department. No actual nhs activity. The nhs needs help, not blame for things it didn't do wrong.

Easy to achieve decent growth rates from the floor the UK economy plunged to. Few economies fared worse. Next they'll be boasting about 'world beating' drops in Covid, conveniently ignoring the fact the UK is and has been top of the world Covid infection charts for some time. 🤡s Yeah, if your major competitors are third world countries.

😂😂😂😂😂😂 brilliant stand up routine there Rishi Not while there is raw sewage in the rivers and coastline, it isn’t He must live in a parallel universe 🤦‍♀️Ffs Covid is not a competition 😬 Of course a fast recovery is good but wasn’t our crash deeper than most of our major competitors?

'Optimistic' Sunak gets Budget firepower thanks to UK growth upgradeRishi Sunak and his team carried out the traditional photocall in Downing Street before he headed to the House of Commons to deliver his speech.

UK suffers highest daily Covid toll since March as another 263 dieThe latest figures, released this afternoon by the Department of Health, come as Britain's death toll for the whole pandemic continues to edge towards the landmark total of 140,000 But 36 the day before

Budget 2021: Millions in line for pay rise as Sunak to end public sector freezeRISHI Sunak is poised to announce the end of the year-long public sector pay freeze which could trigger a pay rise for millions of Britons. Give with one hand and takes with the other

Rishi Sunak ‘failing to spot growth benefits of greening the economy’Shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves says UK could fall behind in global race to exploit opportunities from tackling climate crisis It's all costs for the consumer, cars - more and poor infrastructure, heat pumps - not really that good and far too expensive compared to alternatives, wind power not reliable and intrusive. It's all politicised BS with the West paying while the rest of the world just carries on