Where is Eric's dad in Sex Education season 3?

The character hasn't been seen since season 1

9/26/2021 4:53:00 AM

The character hasn't been seen since season 1

The character hasn't been seen since season 1

.However, one thing viewers aren't happy about is the mystery disappearance of a key character from season 1: Eric's dad.Eric's father, simply known as Mr Effiong, played a significant role in season 1 of the show, where we saw his and Eric's relationship blossom as they grew closer. Since then, eagle-eyed fans have spotted that Mr Effiong has been missing from both seasons 2 and now 3 of the show and, naturally, they're wondering what happened to the character.

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Taking to Twitter to discuss his whereabouts, one viewer wrote,"I need to understand how Eric’s dad completely disappeared from the storyline." Meanwhile, another added,"Where is eric's dad? I haven't seen him since season 1".

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