When can I get a blue passport?

Here's how and when you can get a blue passport

7/14/2020 1:52:00 AM

Here's how and when you can get a blue passport

BLUE passports are slowly being phased in for Brits ahead of the country leaving the EU on December 31. The UK is ditching its European Union-style burgundy passports and returning to traditional B…

10:38BLUE passports are slowly being phased in for Brits ahead of the country leaving the EU on December 31.The UK is ditching its European Union-style burgundy passports and returning to traditional British blue instead - here is everything you need to know about getting one.

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2The Home Office has revealed what the new blue passports will look like from October 2019Are blue passports coming back after Brexit?The newblue passportdesign is being phased in, with Brits already being issued the new design.Some Brits are still being issued burgundy versions - but both styles of passport will be equally valid for travel.

However, you cannot request a blue passport.The government website states: "The new blue passport design is now being issued."If you renew your passport during this initial period, you may be issued with either a blue or a burgundy British passport.

"You will not be able to choose whether you get a burgundy or a blue passport."When will I get a new blue passport?According to, a new blue passport design will be phased in from early 2020 over several months.By mid-2020, all new British passports will be blue.

2The Sun's blue British passport campaign hit Westminster last AugustCredit: Nick ObankWho designed the new blue passports and where will they be made?British company De La Rue will no longer produce British passports.Instead, the lucrative business will be handed over to

.De La Rue produced its first passport for Britain back in 1915.The decision sparked outrage among Tory MPs who accused the Home Office of "a national humiliation".How have UK passports changed over time?The earliest passports were issued under the reign of Henry V in 1414, but it was not until 1915 that the first modern-style British passports were available.

They included a photograph and signature and consisted of a single piece of paper that folded out and sat between cardboard covers.The first blue passport in the format of a book was issued in 1921 - it had 32 pages and was written in French.In 1988 the first burgundy coloured machine-readable passports were issued in the UK following the common format introduced by the European Economic Community.

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A decade later, the first digital UK passport was introduced which included a digital image of the photograph and signature.By 2006 the first biometric passports were issued with an electronic chip featuring the holder’s data.And in 2008 the first ePassport gates were introduced in the UK.

There are now around 240 ePassport Gates operational, covering 21 air and rail terminals, helping to speed up arrivals and improve border security.The national identity: A timeline showing the history of the UK passportTHE first passport-type papers appeared in 1414 with a "safe conduct" document referred to in an Act of Parliament in Henry V's reign.

1540:Travel papers are called passports for the first time.1641: Oldest surviving British passport was issued.1794:The Home Office takes control of issuing them in a role it still has today.1835:Row breaks out over "degrading" demands for British passports to include physical descriptions.

1858:Passports are written in English for the first time. They had been in French, the official language of diplomacy.1915:Passport books similar to those we use today were first issued.1920:Our iconic blue book created. Read more: The Sun »

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The Hong Kong residents ready to leave for the UKAs China enforces new restrictions, some are turning to their British National (Overseas) passport. Thousands of families are still separated by the EU/UK travel ban. Not essential because we aren't married. We aren't asking for open borders, just exemptions to allow us reunite after months apart. We've been patient LiftTheTravelBan LoveIsNotTourism LoveIsEssential Boris did something good here. I just wish he had more resolve than he has been showing lately. Good news for Britain 😂😂👍

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Changes to holiday insurance, mobile phone charges and passports after BrexitBRITS have been warned to expect changes to the price of travel insurance, mobile phone charges, passports and travelling with pets after Brexit. Travel insurance is likely to rise as European Heal… I will Follow You Back Immediately Please change your headline to 'Terrible changes...' Never told us at the time did you? 'SUN SAYS We urge our readers to beLEAVE in Britain and vote to quit the EU on June 23' Who cares about phone charges, who goes on holiday to spend their time on the phone. Go on holiday and enjoy it.

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