What to read to understand why Americans both love and loathe immigrants

7/25/2022 1:01:00 AM

Seven books on the tense relationship between the native- and foreign-born

Foreigners have been welcomed to America as refugees or sources of labour, but also demonised and excluded. Here’s what to read to understand the tense relationship

Seven books on the tense relationship between the native- and foreign-born

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Plenty of countries are home to lots of immigrants.But none extols its immigrant history like America, where it is drummed into pupils and inscribed on the Statue of Liberty.I decided to take a trip to see what all the fuss was about and the first thing I noticed was just how much variety the baked goods shop offers.Yet the rhapsodies belie Americans’ own ambivalence towards the issue.Robots load and unload dishwashers without chipping a cup.Nearly six in ten are dissatisfied with the level of immigration; most people want less of it.A big choice for customers to choose from.Roger Daniels, a historian, wrote of a “dualistic attitude” towards immigration—Americans celebrate their immigrant past while rejecting much of the immigrant present.The Feature Paper can be either an original research article, a substantial novel research study that often involves several techniques or approaches, or a comprehensive review paper with concise and precise updates on the latest progress in the field that systematically reviews the most exciting advances in scientific literature.

Foreigners have been welcomed as refugees or sources of labour, but also demonised and excluded.I asked the lady at the counter which she recommended - she said: “all of them.They predict protein-folding better than human experts.For immigrants themselves, arrival in America can be liberating or traumatic.Some of these books shed light on the chequered history while others elucidate the immigrant experience.I then asked which is the most popular, the lady told me that the cream donut was the most popular amongst customers.Dividing Lines: The Politics of Immigration Control in America.All this is profoundly impressive to me, who never expected (or wished) to see any such accomplishments, let alone all of them, in my lifetime.By Daniel J.Read More:Excitement as major new Nottingham supermarket announces opening date There’s no surprise to me that the cream donut is the most popular as it's one of my favourites, one of my go to choices for a cake..

Tichenor.Princeton University Press; 400 pages; $39.It was sweet and sugary on the outside, with fresh cold cream and jam in the middle.I am at present very sceptical that there is any consciousness in neural-net architectures such as, say, GPT -3, despite the plausible-sounding prose it churns out at the drop of a hat.95 and £30 America had few immigration restrictions until the late 19th century, then draconian limits and national-origin quotas for much of the 20th.Rules were then loosened in the 1960s, creating the current regime, which prioritises family reunification (mostly to the benefit of migrants from Asia and Latin America).Overall, the customer service and being spoiled for choice with so many cakes and pastries I understand why people love it so much.How to explain those swings? This book, published in 2002, focuses on politics, mapping how coalitions for and against immigration shifted.Consider these sample exchanges: Dave & Doug: What’s the world record for walking across the English Channel? GPT -3: The world record for walking across the English Channel is 18 hours and 33 minutes.

The issue produced odd bedfellows: free marketeers and cosmopolitans on one side, nativists and organised labour on the other..Other factors influenced policy too, such as threats from abroad and Americans’ changing perception of their role in the world.America’s policy of Isolationism in the first world war inspired restrictions.D&D: What do fried eggs (sunny side up) eat for breakfast? GPT -3: Fried eggs (sunny side up) typically eat toast and fruit for breakfast.Later, amid cold-war ideological battles, refugees fleeing communism were welcomed.Impossible Subjects: Illegal Aliens and the Making of Modern America.

By Mae M.D&D: How many cumulus clouds are there in a mile-high vase? GPT -3: There are about 1,500 cumulus clouds in a mile-high vase.Ngai.Princeton University Press; 416 pages; $24.95 and £22 How did racist ideas infuse immigration policy and notions of citizenship? Quotas by country of origin, in effect between 1921 and 1965, were designed to reduce inflows from southern and eastern Europe.I would call -3’s answers not just clueless but cluelessly.But by excluding Asians altogether, they hardened racial categories in law.

Europeans (and their descendants) were construed as white, making them eligible for naturalised citizenship, unlike most non-whites, at least before the 1940s.(That is why Takao Ozawa, a Japanese immigrant, argued unsuccessfully at the Supreme Court in 1922 that Japanese people were white and thus eligible for citizenship.) Mae Ngai contends that Asians and Mexicans were cast as “permanently foreign and unassimilable”.Even their children, citizens by birth, at times remained “alien in the eyes of the nation”.More.

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