What is Juneteenth and why is it celebrated?

Although it started in America, British companies are now getting on board every 19 June

6/18/2021 12:31:00 PM

Although it started in America, British companies are now getting on board every 19 June

Although it started in America, British companies are now getting on board every 19 June

at the hands of a police officer, it's possible that you may just be hearing about a long-held tradition - Juneteenth - for the first time. But what exactly is it?The celebration, which takes place each year on 19 June (and is also known as Freedom Day, Emancipation Day or Jubilee Day) marks the anniversary of a group of slaves in Texas being told they were emancipated (meaning formally liberated) in 1865.

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Although there were many other celebration days denoting the emancipation of slaves, Juneteenth is the largest, in part due to a march that took place in 1968, known as the Poor People's March. The group, who had been pressing for economical equality and occupied a mall in Washington, chose 19 June as their day to march and end their organisation's work on a high note. The date then spread around the country, as members of the Poor People's Campaign returned to their various home states.

Many companies (including British fashion brand Sophia Webster, who have pledged to donate 19% of their average daily sales to Black causes on 19 June each year) now say they'll be observing the date too.Why is it called Juneteenth?Well, if you hadn't already guessed, it's a combination of June (the month) and nineteenth (the day of the month when the declaration of emancipation was read out in Texas by a general). It's worth noting that some slaves in other areas of the country sadly weren't liberated for a further six months. headtopics.com

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Black Voters Matter to lead Juneteenth ‘freedom ride’ for voting rightsCivil rights groups revive landmark Freedom Summer campaign in push to restore voting rights against tide of GOP elections bills All votes matter Segregationists👀

US poised to make Juneteenth a federal holidayThe commemoration marks when news of the Emancipation Proclamation reached Texas on 19 June 1865, ending slavery Shows how stupid this country is. Emancipation Proclamation didn't free anyone. South did not recognize this Executive Order and it did not apply to the North. IDIOTS!

Senate approves bill to make Juneteenth the 12th federal holidayThe bill would lead to Juneteenth becoming the 12th federal holiday. It is expected to easily pass the House, which would send it to President Joe Biden for his signature.

House passes bill to create federal holiday for JuneteenthFourteen Republicans vote against measure Good.

The history behind JuneteenthThousands of enslaved people in Texas were ordered free two years after Emancipation Proclamation