UK weather: Flooding 'potentially imminent' in aftermath of Storm Dennis

Rivers have swollen to 'exceptional' levels in parts of the UK, and in some areas water levels continue to rise.


Houses, petrol stations and churches are flooded and many roads are unusable in Hereford in the aftermath of StormDennis. Nine severe flood warnings remain in force across England and Wales - get the latest here:

Rivers have swollen to 'exceptional' levels in parts of the UK, and in some areas water levels continue to rise.

Dave Throup, EA manager for Herefordshire and Worcestershire, is warning people to remain vigilant, adding:"There may be some short-term drops in levels but they may well rise again. We're certainly not out of the woods yet, there is quite a long way to go with this flood."

Further heavy rain is forecast on Wednesday and Thursday, and this could affect already flooded areas, with yellow warnings covering North and South Wales on both days.Image:Yellow warnings for rain are in place in Wales from 6pm on Wednesday to 3pm on Thursday. Pic: Met Office

EA executive director of flood and coastal risk management John Curtin said:"We expect further disruptive weather into tomorrow and Thursday, bringing a significant flood risk to the West Midlands, and there are flood warnings in place across much of England."

The yellow weather warnings for rain in Wales have been issued by the Met Office and they are in force from 6pm on Wednesday until 3pm on Thursday.In England, there are severe flood warnings in place at:River Lugg at Hampton BishopRiver Severn at New Street, Upton upon Severn

River Severn at the Wharfage, IronbridgeRiver Severn at UckinghallRiver Severn at Waterside, Upton upon SevernRiver Wye at Hampton BishopIn Wales,"danger to life" flood warnings have been in force for the River Wye in Monmouth, where water levels caused a water treatment plant to close after it flooded in the storms.

Streets awash with flood water after Storm DennisMajor incidents were declared in South Wales, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire - among the worst affected areas by the weekend's storm.A woman who was swept away by floodwater near Tenbury in Worcestershire on Sunday was found dead on Monday.

The family of Yvonne Booth, 55, said in a statement:"Yvonne is a very much-loved member of our family and we are all devastated by this news."Image:Yvonne Booth pictured with her late husband and her sonThe prime minister has been accused of refusing to visit affected communities, with shadow environment secretary Luke Pollard calling Boris Johnson's response to the crisis a"disgrace".

Mr Johnson has resisted calls to chair a meeting of the government's emergency committee Cobra, which Labour leadership candidate Sir Keir Starmer described as an"appalling decision".He added:"The recent flooding is a stark reminder that the government is not doing enough to get to grips with the climate crisis. Ministers should be taking a lead on this situation, not ducking their responsibilities."

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BorisJohnson, bbc5live Boris, now you have the mantle you need to step up to the plate and show what your made of, forget the EU, forget Trump, the people of flooded England need you 🤘

Flood threat remains after Storm Dennis batters UKEight severe flood warnings are in place in England, after a weekend of heavy rain and wind. We cant prevent floods, we are a very wet island. Why are some councils giving the go ahead to build housing on areas prone to flooding ? Rev 13:8 (KJV) And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. “The Great Controversy” by Ellen White Audio Order book:

UK weather: 'Danger to life' warnings as Storm Dennis swells rivers to 'exceptional levels''This is a big sign that the UK government needs to wake up and tackle climate change.' AlexDaviesJones, Labour MP for Pontypridd, says the town has suffered its worst flood in 'over 45 years' and they need 'serious answers'. KayBurley StormDennis: AlexDaviesJones I’d blame the local MP AlexDaviesJones Pointless not unless you get Americans Russians and the Chinese to act this is global not just down to one small country AlexDaviesJones 'I blame the Tories for the weather.' Enjoy being out of Government for at least the next 10 years.

Seven severe flood warnings for UK as more rain on way in Storm Dennis aftermathSevere flood warnings remain in place across Britain with Boris Johnson resisting calls to chair emergency meetings to tackle the flood crisis. The Met Office has issued warnings for more rain as well as snow and ice in Scotland

UK weather: Water levels continue to rise in areas hardest hit by Storm DennisNine severe flood warnings - indicating a danger to life - remain in force across England and Wales in the aftermath of Storm Dennis

Storm Dennis wreaks havoc across UK with hundreds evacuated and over a thousand homes delugedRecord number of flood warnings as more than a month’s worth of rain falls in 48 hours Govt numbers please -quantified data on how more frequent and extreme floods are for every region and river system plus future estimation vs levels of current and future investment in flood defences with projected effectiveness metrics . Forget HS2 -get levelling up done on this

UK weather: Storm-hit areas warned flooding could last for daysThe skill of two pilots was captured on video as they landed the world's largest passenger plane sideways while battling heavy crosswinds at Heathrow Airport Read more on StormDennis here: Why are airlines permitted to take off when they know in advance pilots will have with deal with these conditions while attempting to land? We're constantly told 'safety is paramount', but apparently not as paramount as the bottom line for airlines. These conditions are not safe. Amazing 😯 Amazing!

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