UK broadband users: share your experiences

UK broadband users: share your experiences

Broadband, Broadband

1/18/2022 5:16:00 PM

UK broadband users: share your experiences

We would like to hear from those who have experienced issues with their broadband

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'Four-day working week with same pay transformed employees lives' says UK firmAtom Bank said cutting the working week last November mean its employees 'look forward to work each day' and helps them maintain a healthier work/life balance

Met Office issues update on when snow will hit UK with freezing temperaturesForecasters see the mercury plunging to lows of -1C over the next seven days with the chill remaining in the low single-digits every night and reaching around 5C during the day

Man reviews biggest tea brands in UK - and announces an unlikely winnerLewis Smith, journalist for Wales Online, decided to settle one of the nation's great debates and find out which brand of tea is the best of them all - and his verdict might upset one or two people Living in South West Ireland Barry’s tea is the favourite drink but I much prefer Tesco Original. Pleased to see someone else shares my good taste.

What do we know about the 175,000 people who died of Covid in the UK?How the pandemic has affected people based on age, gender, vaccination status and ethnicity That most had comorbidities The rag doing what it does best. Looking back retrospectively. Just like the Starmer it sycophantically obeys What do we know of the 1,000's that die every time there is a heat wave? We are going to martyr them?

Canon’s UK arm to become latest company to trial four-day weekEdinburgh-based firm joins pilot study into shorter working week run by Oxford and Cambridge academics I'd just be happy to get it down to a seven day week. . .

Anti-vax protests: ‘Sovereign citizens’ fight UK Covid vaccine rolloutImages show black-clad UK anti-vax protesters being coached in 'direct action' techniques Alpha men assemble 🤣🤣🤣🤣 just spat out my fucking tea There's the stupidity of ignoring medical science, and then wayyyy below that is this shit. Grown men. Playing silly games. 🤯