Trump vows to send in troops to end unrest

George Floyd death: Trump vows to send in troops to end unrest

6/2/2020 6:07:00 AM

George Floyd death: Trump vows to send in troops to end unrest

The president threatens to deploy the army as protests rage over the death of a black man in custody.

On Monday,declared Mr Floyd's death a homicide.What did Trump say?The president delivered a brief address from the White House Rose Garden on Monday evening, and it was marked by the sound of a nearby protest being dispersed with tear gas and rubber bullets.

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He said"all Americans were rightly sickened and revolted by the brutal death of George Floyd" but said his memory must not be"drowned out by an angry mob".Media playback is unsupported on your deviceMedia captionTrump declares himself the 'law and order president'

Mr Trump described the scenes of looting and violence in the capital on Sunday as"a total disgrace" before pledging to bolster the city's defences."I am dispatching thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers, military personnel and law enforcement officers to stop the rioting, looting, vandalism, assaults and the wanton destruction of property," he said.

Mr Trump then turned his attention to the national protests, which he blamed on"professional anarchists" and the anti-fascist group Antifa. On Sunday,he designated Antifa as a terrorist organisation.He called on cities and states to deploy the National Guard, the reserve military force that can be called on to intervene in domestic emergencies,"in sufficient numbers that we dominate the streets". About 16,000 of its troops have been deployed to deal with the unrest so far.

Mr Trump added:"If a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary... then I'll deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them.""I want the organisers of this terror to be on notice that you'll face severe criminal penalties," he said.

His comments were met with swift criticism from senior Democrats. Joe Biden, the party's presumptive presidential candidate, said Mr Trump [was] using the American military against the American people".Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said:"How low can this president go?... His actions reveal his true nature."

An escalation of force?Throughout Monday, pressure grew on Donald Trump to take action to address the rising unrest in major cities across the US. As the sun set in Washington DC, in a hastily arranged Rose Garden address, the president outlined what that action would be.

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Governors were warned that if they did not effectively secure property and safety on the streets, the president would cite a centuries-old law to dispatch the US Army on American soil. And in the District of Columbia, which is under federal authority, the president had already ordered the military to deploy in force.

Moments before the president spoke, promising he was on the side of peaceful protesters, those armed soldiers cleared out peaceful protesters from Lafayette Square, across the street from the White House.It set the stage for the president to walk with his senior staff across the park to St John's Church, which was lightly damaged in a fire set by rioters the previous evening - an important symbolic gesture or an unnecessary photo opportunity, depending on one's perspective. Posing in front of the building with a Bible, he promised that America was"coming back strong" and"it won't take long".

There was no talk of police reforms or the root causes of the protests that began last week at any point in the evening's proceedings. Instead, he said he was the"president of law and order" - a sign, it seems, that his solution to the ongoing crisis will be an escalation of force.

What's the latest with the protests?More than 75 cities have seen protests over what happened to George Floyd. Streets that only days ago were deserted because of the coronavirus pandemic have filled with demonstrators marching shoulder to shoulder.

Protests kicked off for another evening on Monday. More than 40 cities have imposed or extended their curfews.Media playback is unsupported on your deviceMedia captionThe peaceful protests honouring George FloydOn Sunday, mostly peaceful demonstrations once again gave way to violence in many cities, with clashes erupting between police and protesters.

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Dick!!! The Most Powerful man on Earth unearthed dictating his vicious cycle of dealing with unarmed civilians ordering the army who are the people... go back to your Fuhrer bunker realDonaldTrump What does ‘end’ mean? ...someone (not me) said, 'You shall not swear - neither by heaven for it is the throneroom of God, nor by earth for it is the footstool', but let your 'yes' be 'yes'; and your 'no' 'no' Actually, sometimes I just don't say anything - neither yes nor no.. delayedResponse

I didn’t think he was allowed to do that, send in troops on us soil but I am probably wrong and he does what he wants anyway Isn't setting troops on your own citizens declaring civil war..? Goodness, they just don't assassinate them like they used to. Send in the troops Don and make America great again 😆

WTF is the matter with you. THIS is how you report it! I watched your video and it feels misguided because you say Trump is threatening to send in the army against peaceful protests, and then the next paragraph you talk about the deaths and riots that have occurred Spoiling for war! If he can’t have it abroad he’ll start one at home 😡 Leaders are supposed to calm a situation not throw petrol on it and light a match 😡😡😡😡

Could you BE any more servile Thank G_d for NBC, CNN & Sky. I have heard a police officer who was simply doing his job had been shot in the head, people being beaten up and others losing they’re livelihoods..all in the name one man, sad yes but all this is uncalled for..these people are scum..AllLivesMatter

This man is evil personified- he should not be holding any book never mind the bible in his hands - can he actually read Coming from a family with military background I must say that people had best listen when the troops do turn up cause they are governed by a totally different set of rules to the police. They will only ask 3 times to stand down and if you dont they will shoot you where you stand

No matter what race you are. Most of the videos I've seen show people looting stealing trainers and TV's etc what has that hot to do with the tragic loss of a man's life? Dictatorship confirmed night It is the only way to stop people from protesting destroying public property. I have seen things in news channels. I thought Americans are well educated. They know how to handle things. Really disappointed!

night night against USA law ? Go use the military to take down those American citizens they’re the enemy of the people. Right Mr Trump? Maybe, just maybe, talk to the rioters and establish what they want, promise justice, promise change... actually, not promise, MAKE changes and the rioting will sort itself with no need for extra violence.

Good. The military need to save America and send them in on Trump Good. When is the 2 minute ‘Clap for George’ starting? Not heard anything about this yet🤔👏👏👏👏👏 No words needed really.. Trump2020 Condemn racism, jail all four officers for life, and almost certainly, the rioting will cease. It’s as simple has that.

'Send in troops' on AMERICANS? is that legal? Smh Yes finally! And for Trump to stand there holding a bible is very hypocritical of him. Not since 1807 American soldiers have turned on their own people. I find it hilarious when he puts on his serious face🤣🤣 Deploying military troops or National Guard isn't a bad idea in real sense. However, It is Pres Trump's sickening personalty and rhetoric that is making the whole option before him sounds quite disgusting. Mr Trump is a hugely divisive character, and we're not oblivious of this.

What the left wing lying BBC ScumMedia doesn’t talk about. How can you trade with a Neo-Fascist murder who is threatening to kill his own people. Good About time too Comparisons are very hurtful things. US Demonstrations Contrast with Hong Kong Demonstrations. China's COVID-19 compared to the United Kingdom, the United States COVID-19.

He’s right - Antifa and looters running riot! Looting and rioting is bad in US. Looting and rioting in HK is 👍. Hypocrite for a President. ArrestTheOther3 Another of Trump's PR stunts, doesn't know how to hold 'his' Bible. if they could only just stop looting,ruining,burning establishments,attacking the White House..this will not end up with military involvement..looting is understandable,burning the police station is kind of understandable too but attacking the White House is whole different story

Why use George Floyd’s name? It stopped being about that days ago. It’s now really an attempted coup because they know Trump is going to win next election. The Dems shouldn’t have selected a senile pervert as candidate and they might have had a chance. Go on then! I wouldn't be giving speeches about it I'd just do it.

He is hell bent on distorying america Well said realDonaldTrump well said Lust Gluttony Greed Sloth Wrath Envy Pride hurry up then what you waiting for BunkerBabyTrump If the prejudice and police brutality was in the 3rd world country the US would have sent their army to take down the president pure hypocrisy from this lot

That's a very VERY weak headline for what he did. Any journalists left at the BBC? Good someone needs to sort out the scumbags looting and rioting . After Dictator Trump's speech, police used tear gas and flash grenades against peaceful protesters to clear the way so that Trump could get a pic of himself with a bible in front of a church. Once there, he didn't even pray and why should he when he puts himself above God?

Martial law is brutal. But sadly, it has to come to this. This can not go on any longer & people seem to be forgetting about the pandemic. HELP US 🇺🇸!😢! This is a fascist level control that is illegal! Nothing to be gained by military force! Trump is starting the next civil war, which will include martial law, then his dictatorship! StopTrumpNow. RemoveTrump2020

Why are you using this photo BBC to tell the story... please change. Just say he’s trying to impose “martial law” 🤷🏻‍♀️ Bunker Boy gets the job done! and proof ... riots end ... geez go figure Here are the facts... Trump correctly said this was bad. He also said looting is bad and not acceptable. His response is very appropriate. He just needs to on fucking tv to say it.

Thank fuck for Location,Location,Location! He already did it, he has been terrorizing DC since 6:45 pm dcblackout dcisburning Less teargas and more bullets then... The WHITE HOUSE MASSACRE 2020..... Later this week... Write a more accurate headline, and explicitly connect that image to him sanctioning the gassing of American citizens

Because only tRump can take a protest and turn it into a war on the citizens. Probably was a good idea that you “had” bone spurs, pity the soldiers that would have needed to rely on you for back up realDonaldTrump Now Trump regrets opening up economy too early What he's proposing is illegal. What you're seeing is an attempted coup d'état.

Bit slow on the uptake again BBC That will make things better. “Mr Wonderful”: BUY GOLD Trump vows to make things worse Watching the news in America must be like watching a set of trailers for a bunch of Hollywood movies set in a violent dystopian future. It’s Contagion, followed by The Purge and then The Hunger Games. Remarkable

It's a shame that peaceful protests are ruined by a few idiots, I can't stand watching all those thugs beating people. But then that's the way the Police and security services always act to discredit protesters... Let this sink in. Trump tear gassed peaceful proprietors on federal land in a park just so he could walk across the street to a church to hold a bible up for cameras. This is the face of tyranny and fascism. Literally. And it's martial law. BlackLivesMatter

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George Floyd’s brother says Trump ‘kept pushing me off’ during phone callPhilonise Floyd says president dismissed him during a phone conversation – he ‘didn’t give me a chance to even speak’ What type of person would target anti-fascists? In America they came first for the anti-fascists and I didn't speak up... No surprise there. realDonaldTrump only cares about himself.

George Floyd's family say condolence call from Trump was rushed and he didn't let them speakThe president said he expressed his sorrow and said the incident was a 'horrible thing to witness' and it 'looked like there was no excuse' for Floyd’s death He wasnt obligated to.. ungrateful President Trump is charge of ALL Americans! Not just the ones who die tragically! Right away President Trump called in the FBI to investigate AND he threatened to send in the National Guard IF Governor Tim Walz did not. And George Floyd's brother kept trying to talk about.... They should have hanged up when he didn't let them speak!

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Kesha accuses Trump of ‘fuelling’ racism amid Black Lives Matter protestsSinger condemned ‘racist police brutality’ amid protests against the death of George Floyd You got the PROOF. . .HUN? go back to the tanning booth. . .o.k. How Brave of her !! Who is she though 😜😜 Do all of these no-talent celebrities have the same PR agent? This is yet another instance of someone who knows nothing about anything saying the same thing as other entertainers.

'He is a destroyer': how the George Floyd protests left Donald Trump exposedAs cities reel under protest and violence, Black Lives Matter leaders say the president has failed his country Inflames crisis. Brink of serious civil war He has failed it from day 1 and all those who voted this racist into power should feel a shamed. Trump emboldens those that seek to hate and inspires far right nazis with his dangerous daily rhetoric. GeorgeFloyd