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George Floyd, Philonise Floyd

George Floyd's family say condolence call from Trump was rushed and he didn't let them speak

George Floyd's family say condolence call from Trump was rushed and he didn't let them speak

5/31/2020 9:40:00 PM

George Floyd 's family say condolence call from Trump was rushed and he didn't let them speak

The president said he expressed his sorrow and said the incident was a 'horrible thing to witness' and it 'looked like there was no excuse' for Floyd’s death

did not go well.At the White House on Friday, the president said he had spoken to the family of Floyd, the 46-year-old African American man whose death during an arrest by police officers in Minneapolis sparked nationwide protest.The president said he expressed his sorrow and told the family the incident was a “horrible thing to witness” and it “looked like there was no excuse” for Floyd’s death.

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Download the new Independent Premium appSharing the full story, not just the headlinesDownload nowBut Floyd’s brother Philonise said Mr Trump gave him little chance to express himself and had little apparent interest in what he had to say.He told MSNBC: “He didn’t give me an opportunity to even speak. It was hard. I was trying to talk to him, but he just kept, like, pushing me off, like ‘I don’t want to hear what you’re talking about.’

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why arent i surprised It was a RECORDING! SidselWold Wish there was a recording of the conversation. This guy! I'm not surprised. Trump watched Biden doing the same, and wanted good publicity himself. Good thing the family spoke out about their disappointing encounter with Trump. Thisguy should be simply voted out in november! We’ve had enough of his antics and his white supremacy leadership.

Who doesn't know Trump is the world foremost racist... if only they had recorded it Trump can NEVER win guys, can he. That doesn’t surprise me, he comes across as someone with no empathy and loves the sound of his own voice. You expect more ? ...let the record show... Imagine if Trump called you ... Is it 8th or 9th wonder of the world that Trump passed his condolence to GeorgeFloyd family. Narcissists usually don't but maybe it's an 2020 election stunt as November is coming close.

Очень круто It's trump's style!!! 'He's got more important stuff to do.' Yeah but if he's gonna wish people condolences then he should get it right or what's the point? He might as well just keep it on Television since the amount of reply the Floyds get stays the same. I’d imagine he’s got more important things to do like maybe run a country

I would have barred the call. I wouldn't want to give the **** any opportunity to make capital out of our discussion. He's not that good at faking compassion, is he? Seems like Trump was assembled on a monday morning. He called for the simple reason of being able to truthfully say he called, but also so that he can bullshit the conversation

jrnyinpeace Private No Class Bone Spur strikes again! DumpTrump2020 VoteJoeBiden2020 I imagine when he calls people he mutes their side Trump should have been sorry about the death of a convicted criminal who entered armed into someone else's house to rob a woman pointing a gun on her stomach Many Americans feel that the Floyd family should not have answered Trump's call at all.

We can all imagine what this call was like. What is unimaginable is the grief George Floyd’s family must go through 😔 technicality! Is that what anyone wants?! Then shut the heck up! Those wanting 'instant justice' are idiots (all races) who have no understanding how the law works! President Trump is a nice guy with some rough edges. Give him a break! HE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE & HE NOR US SUPPORTERS

He’s a busy man, didn’t need to call at all. Attorney! NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP! And the Henn Co Attorney charged Officer Derek Chauvin in record time! But for the others he has to GO BY THE LAW! Cops or not they STILL have their civil rights & IF the Henn Co Attorney violated them then THE CHARGES COULD BE DISMISSED on a....

Dump plump Trump Bubba Gump and pump flumps ya chump ! Oh give over, wil you. People, people, people, please stop forcing Trump to have a heart!! Such things are alien to him!! 💁🏽‍♂️ Tänään on väärä ihminen USA:n johtajana - etenkin ison, liiallisen valtansa takia, jota Hän ei oikein ohjaa kipeisiin suuntiin... Hän menee poispäin todellisista, isoista ongelmista- Hän ei tunne sanaa - 'Vastuu?' Hän tuntee sanan - 'Valta'. Valta + vastuu = USA:n presidentillä.

politics which is completely inappropriate during a phone call of condolence. The President has tons to do everyday! He doesn't have time to just chitchat. (casual talk) George Floyd's brother way way out of line! He wanted justice but that's ultimately up to the Hennepin County It's called boxticking, to say you did it. Most likely at the behest of his team. Do you think he cares, when he can't go a press conference w/out talking about himself, or when he's tweeting about being safe inside the White House while threatening to attack his own citizens?

Horrible Man Thats because it was all about him not them. SociopathInChief I, who cares are this point in time, the tables now have turned and there will be a major assault on Blacks right across the US, Canada, and in the UK, and EU ' this has turned into the whites vs blacks war Stay Tuned! Condolence call, speech, *anything,* is an oxymoron concerning this criminal fraud who now has even more blood on his hands.

Why am i not surprised They should have hanged up when he didn't let them speak! President Trump is charge of ALL Americans! Not just the ones who die tragically! Right away President Trump called in the FBI to investigate AND he threatened to send in the National Guard IF Governor Tim Walz did not. And George Floyd's brother kept trying to talk about....

He wasnt obligated to.. ungrateful

Trump supporters run over two George Floyd protestersDisturbing video footage shows a Jeep with a 'Keep America Great' flag ploughing into the young woman. showing their lefty colours as per Someone stands in the road and gets run over Trump fans running people over again 🙄

George Floyd: Trump rebuked for 'vicious dogs' remark after White House protest George Floyd protest outside White House was dispersed, before president boasted of ‘most vicious dogs and most ominous weapons’ Has anyone tried unplugging and plugging 2020 back in again? yes they want to rush the White House---a bunch of morons. If they get greased....too bad so sad FYI: The Secret Service has vicious dogs.

Trump terminates WHO relationship – but refuses to take questions on George FloydTrump says US is terminating relationship with World Health Organisation: YEAH OK ...AFTER ….HE USED THEM ….LOL .. He terminated his own relationship with anything resembling health years ago and now he's dragging the rest of the US down his own destructive path. This will reduce WHOs funding and will make it harder for them to support outbreaks and natural disasters in countries less developed.

Melania Trump generates Twitterstorm with her tweet on George Floyd protestsMELANIA TRUMP was met with derision following a tweet she made as protests following the killing of George Floyd turned violent.

Lady Gaga calls Donald Trump ‘a fool and a racist’ in emotional George Floyd message‘He is fuelling a system that is already rooted in racism,’ Gaga said Another celebrity opinion that no one asked for. So wrong in so many ways. What’s the solution realDonaldTrump? BlackLivesMatter AllLivesMatter JusticeForGeorgeFloyd COVID19

Jimmy Kimmel urges viewers to vote ‘disgusting’ Trump out of office over George Floyd protest responseKimmel described US president as a man who ‘clearly and intentionally inflames violence’ Trump s best compared to sleepy Biden SO MUCH PEACEFUL PROTESTER ! He should send his address, let this criminals burn his house !