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Late-Night Tv Roundup, Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah: 'Trump can't decline to participate – this isn't the Vietnam war'

Trevor Noah: 'Trump can't decline to participate – this isn't the Vietnam war'


Trevor Noah : 'Trump can't decline to participate – this isn't the Vietnam war'

Late-night hosts discussed the White House’s refusal to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry

Sondland was tasked by the president to deal with Ukraine – despite Ukraine not being in the EU. “That’s not his jurisdiction,” Noah said. “That would be like Santa doing the Tooth Fairy’s job.”

There’s also been chatter about how the whistleblower will testify. Given Trump’s threats over what could happen to whoever it is, calls have been made to disguise both their face and voice. “All they really need to do is disguise the whistleblower as Trump’s daughter Tiffany and he’d be like ‘Who is this person? I’ve never seen her before in my life,’” Noah joked.

Trump joked that he wouldn’t trust the kangaroo court that is in front of him and Colbert disputed this by saying: “There’s no koala bailiff, no dingo judge.”

It’s also been shown that 60% of women support the inquiry. “Well, ‘Thank God, they can’t vote’ said Mike Pence,” Meyers said.

He also joked: “In this administration, if you know anything, you know too much.”

Given the president’s history of lies, he also found it a bizarre suggestion. “This is like pooping your pants and walking around saying, ‘Someone in here stinks,’” he said.

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He is a president. He can create another Vietnam. Mic drop corporate Democrats on a political suicide mission? always great to watch! CaptainKangaroo2024 HunterBiden2028 It's all about the oil wells that are in that 'Safe Corridor'. Trump couldn't get a green light to start exploiting them to cover the cost of operations in that area so now Erdogan is going for them which he always wanted. This way he doesn't have to smuggle anymore.

His heel spurs will prevent him from testifying. U.S fled,bloody looser,after betraying &back stabbing Kurdish Allies, paving d way 4 return of rejuvenated ISIS,Trump d REAL EVIL. Only he has. Draft Dodger in Chief! Noah take a rifle and fight snowflake !

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What some late night person said on US TV is not news. He's the PRESIDENT, Your an idiot! DUH!😂🤣😂 Declining to participate in the Vietnam War is the only good thing Trump ever did, albeit for purely selfish reasons and not altruistic ones. Does this mean Trevor Noah wouldn't try to decline being drafted in a future war?

Oh really.

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