'This is an extreme world': Cardiff children taught how to defend themselves from knife attacks

'This is an extreme world': Cardiff children taught how to defend themselves from knife attacks


'This is an extreme world': Cardiff children taught how to defend themselves from knife attacks

'We don't call this fighting, we call this surviving,' says James Bourne, the former nightclub bouncer teaching the children.

"GIVE ME YOUR PHONE AND YOUR MONEY," James shouts even more loudly than before. He slaps the boy around the face.

The knife class in Cardiff is 'about surviving' not fighting

"We don't call this fighting, we call this surviving," James tells me.

She says:"It looks extreme, but this is an extreme world, isn't it? I want my kids to know what to do when someone pulls a knife on them. I want to know that they can defend themselves if I'm not there."

Three teenagers were murdered in as many months and people are nervous.

Harry Baker, 17, was stabbed to death. Pic: South Wales Police

Fahad Mohamed Nur, 18, was killed. Pic: South Wales Police

Asim Khan, 21, died after being stabbed. Pic: South Wales Police

Senior police officers say those factors are linked to the rise in knife crime.

Knife crime has increased as police numbers were cut

A dad who suffered significant injuries after being stabbed on the streets of Cardiff claims knife crime in the Welsh capital is getting worse.

He has now launched the #KnivesDownChallenge19, where people are urged to record a short poem or rap - under the same backing track - about why knife crime needs to be stopped in its tracks.

Mr Heron warns even children in Cardiff are carrying knives

The government thinks tougher sentences are the answer.

Helen believes her attackers should have been given stricter sentences and supports the government's move to increase penalties for violent crimes.

Back at the gym, the knife defence class is coming to an end.

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Anyone pulls a knife out on you, the first instance should be to turnaround and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction!!! This is a sad reflection of society that this is happening. Politicians take note and address the situation before our kids are taken down this route. This scares me , but having been attacked with a knife myself I can tell you it’s necessary. We have to be proactive and protect ourselves and our children if we can . It should never be a thing, but it is sadly a part of our daily reality and is everywhere .

Israeli krav maga!! Amazing, people still taking Israelis to teach them self defense!! Dispute the haters!! The fact that this is even a thing shows you how on its arse this country is Welcome to TORY FUCKING BRITAIN.

Murder charge over knife awareness course stabbingA 17-year-old is accused of murdering Hakim Sillah at a youth offending service event in Uxbridge. It has to be said, its all wee black bois, too afraid to fight so they just pull a knife! Stick them on a boat, back to their ancestors ☹️ another young black male These gangs are pointless - never before has the UK had one ethnic group literally slaughter itself. Bizarre.

Call to tackle aggression against teachersEven one attack is too many, a teaching union says, calling for schools to display warning posters. Give/Train teachers with tasers. They won’t need to worry about aggressive behaviour then I bet, when the potentially unruly bunch are rattling around the ground in a pool of their own piss - in front of the rest of the class. We are all getting it in the neck at the moment. Might have something to do with those at the top inciting so much hate.

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