Tensions in NATO normal 'like a marriage', says British chief of defence staff

Tensions in NATO normal 'like a marriage', says British chief of defence staff


Tensions in NATO normal 'like a marriage', says British chief of defence staff

Speaking to Sky's Alistair Bunkall, Britain's chief of defence staff says there are always tensions in alliances.

Despite this, the alliance has been criticised not just by Emmanuel Macron, but also by Mr Trump, who has accused other NATO members of not contributing enough funding.

Sir Nicholas said tensions were normal in alliances, as in marriages

"There are always tensions in alliances, it's the same as a marriage, and the plain fact is with 29 nations it's very important that we all come together and we all contribute to that alliance in a fair way.

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NATO are absolutely pathetic, allowing a member to commit genocide and openly carry out ethnic cleansing which the world can see. Turkey need to be kicked out of NATO and then destroyed. Funny sort of marriage these forces types have. All about conflict and compromise is it?! Tensions in a marriage ain’t a good marriage

Anyone remember the tensions during the Bosnian war? Seems forgotten Is that why trump keeps whinging about the house-keeping allowance?

Exclusive: NHS chiefs warn Johnson’s visa scheme will do nothing to stop post-Brexit staffing crisisExclusive: ‘The needs of vulnerable people will go undetected and people will have to go without care’ Sounds like a lot of waffle and nonsense and not thought though These over-paid pen-pushers are not very keen to have the light shed on their nefarius incompetences. It would suit them to have another Labour government. How about cutting the over generous pension pots of doctors. Discourage them from early retirement.

Mick Mulvaney: new testimony draws Trump chief of staff into Ukraine scandalCongress hears Mulvaney approved Trump-Zelenskiy meeting on condition Ukraine announced investigations tied to Joe Biden Ever since his seminal work in Raiders of the Lost Ark, it’s been all downhill for Ol’ Mick... hope his hand healed up since then. The headline should be 'new testimony tries to draw Trump chief of staff into Ukraine scandal'.

Bolivia's president calls new election after police abandon posts to join pro-democracy protesters in streetDamning report from monitors comes after military chiefs says it will not 'confront the people' Ahh the joys of socialism... eh jeremycorbyn 😉 He calls that meanwhile he does this Congratulations, evoespueblo The one with the truth isn't afraid of the ballot box.

Eneko Basque brunch review: Same quality cooking, but a better price tagNobody likes the terrifying surprise at the end of a meal when the bill comes, so opting for daytime eating is far more affordable, says Ibrahim Salha

British Jews fear Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister, says STEPHEN POLLARDLAST week, the paper I edit, the Jewish Chronicle, did something unprecedented in our 178-year history. Our front page was addressed not to our usual readers but to non-Jews. Meanwhile back in the real world.... This is only representative of an incredibly small minority of British Jews. I’m not scared he’s going to suddenly start another Holocaust for one. What about the institutionalised racism in the Tories and their anti Islamic rhetoric. You don’t care about that oddly enough.

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