The Best Afro Hair Products And Brands To Know

Funmi Fetto shares the brands – old and new – that are catering best to customers with afro and multi-textured hair


“Considering all the beauty industry’s supposed steps towards inclusivity, the mind boggles at how so many hair care brands inadvertently ignore an entire demographic of people because their curl pattern doesn’t quite fit.”

Funmi Fetto shares the brands – old and new – that are catering best to customers with afro and multi-textured hair

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how do I get my daughter in to model for you? She is 13, 5’7” and is half Afro Caribbean with amazing beautiful blue eyes. She has wanted to model for a long time. She did modelling as a toddler but a lot of agencies at the moment are fake and ask for lots of money Prejudice pushes an exclusive agenda without knowing it

love this. Thank you. The beauty and fashion industry puzzle me... It’s supposed to be creative and innovative and yet still struggles to reflect true diversity and lets millions of pounds float on by.... its really not that hard, just do your research, due diligence and seek out quality talent...

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