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‘Goats are the best tool’: grazers in high demand to reduce US wildfire risk

‘Goats are the best tool’: grazers in high demand to reduce US wildfire risk


‘Goats are the best tool’: grazers in high demand to reduce US wildfire risk

In the face of climate change and deadly fires, states from California to Colorado are turning hungry animals loose on the countryside

Herds chew their way through overgrown grasses and weeds, creating fuel breaks through which wildfires are less likely to burn.

Mike Canaday’s goats have been eating their way across coastal California for over 15 years, from Santa Rosa, in Wine Country, to San Diego. Between new municipal mandates to clear brush, and an intense rainy season, demand this year was “huge, just crazy”, he said, and getting bigger all the time.

Grazing goats are far from the newest wildfire prevention tool, but they have a comparably tiny footprint. They’re efficient, clean eaters, nibbling away at weeds and grasses and leaving far less damage than an herbicide. They’re nimble climbers, able to scamper up steep flammable hillsides and into narrow canyons that humans would struggle to reach. They’re impervious to poison oak, and they don’t disrupt natural ecosystems or scare away indigenous animals. Where conspicuously carved fire breaks on verdant hillsides might upset homeowners, goats are welcome seasonal cuteness.

“It’s especially critical after a wet year like this one,” he said.

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I knew those alien eye’d fucks had a use Are you guys sure about that $28,000 figure? That sounds like a lot of money. US median annual income, per cursory Google search, is $59,000. One person could clear an acre in days, if clearing stuff that goats can eat through. They could even release some native Americans loose to make beads

Where can I rent some to naturally clear my yard? Oh how I WISH! Goats mow that tall grass AND give milk, which you never get from an 8 foot Flail Mower. Believe me. Just make sure there are enough wolves to control the population or result will be not what's imagined. GOATS- Greatest of all time forest rakers.

Arm them with rakes and double down on their effectiveness. /s I thought Donnie wanted to Use Vacuum cleaners? Em Leiria tem pasto para toda a Vida.

Goats can sense subtle emotional changes in vocal calls of othersResearchers led by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) measured behavioural and physiological changes in goats. Handy to know Goats a smart animal.

Then buy them in millions

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