Tens of thousands could die if Russia goes to war with Ukraine, minister warns

1/20/2022 9:46:00 AM

Tens of thousands could die if Russia goes to war with Ukraine, minister warns

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Tens of thousands could die if Russia goes to war with Ukraine, minister warns

Former Army officer James Heappey said tens of thousands of people could die if Russia launches an attack on Ukraine. He added Moscow would be 'extraordinarily stupid' to go to war with its neighbour

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That’s generally what happens in war bright spark!

Minister warns Ukraine war with Russia could be just ‘weeks away’Tens of thousands of people could die if war breaks out between Ukraine and Russia , a Government minister said on Wednesday. Why are we waiting for another Hitler to flourish ? It will not, I give you my word. Putin has responsibilities toward his people and world, he is more than aware

UK may send MORE weapons to Ukraine after 'increasingly threatening behaviour' from RussiaBRITAIN may send more weapons to Ukraine in a bid to stop an impending Russia n invasion, as Defence Secretary Ben Wallace announced the UK is open to further cooperation with the Eastern European nation. Don’t you mean increasingly threatening UK/US/NATO behaviour?

Ukraine: Blinken flies to Europe amid Russia invasion fears Russia denies any plan to attack Ukraine but tensions are high as troops mass near the border. I still don’t believe Putin will invade Ukraine. Biden simply can’t look soft after the invasion. Germany’s resistance to tough actions against Russia will break. Stop the war mongering. If your anonymous “reporting” on Ukraine wasn’t such rubbish - and it’s junk journalism much the same (pretending to accurately describe such a serious situation) it would all be risible...

British anti-tank weapons sent to defend Ukraine from RussiaBritain has sent an anti-tank missile system to Ukraine to help the country defend itself from a Russia n invasion. Ben Wallace, the defence secretary, said last I'm on my way And what happens if they send military hardware here. We left the EU. Our domestic forces are weak, our government is a laughing stock, & we rely on energy from Putin. I think we should not be treading on other peoples toes and pissing super powers off. We decided to leave the EU Perhaps we should start bulldozing the Green belt in readiness to house a gazzillion fleeing Ukrainians?

Ukraine: Washington and Kremlin's top diplomats to meet as Russia ramps up military drills in 'extremely dangerous situation'Washington and the Kremlin's top diplomats are set to meet for talks in Switzerland on Friday, stepping up efforts as tensions escalate amid fears of a possible invasion of Ukraine by Russia

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Tens of thousands could die if Russia launches a full-scale attack on Ukraine, a UK government minister warned today.Meet the doctor empowering women to own their reproductive health “Tens of thousands of people could die.Ben Wallace, 51, has been Secretary of State for Defence since July 2019 (Image: Getty) He said: “We have taken the decision to supply Ukraine with light anti-armour defensive weapon systems.Getty Images Image caption, Mr Blinken will seek reportedly seek to offer Russia a "diplomatic off-ramp" as tensions mount in Ukraine US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will travel to Europe on Wednesday amid mounting fears that a Russian invasion of Ukraine could be imminent.

Former Army officer James Heappey said Moscow would be "extraordinarily stupid" to go to war with Ukraine but warned it is a "grave possibility." It came as Moscow has an estimated 126,000 troops gathered at Ukraine’s border for a possible land and sea invasion on its neighbour. This is not something that the rest of the world should stand by and ignore. More Russian forces are arriving in Belarus for claimed military exercises, although they could attack from the north. They are to use in self-defence. Armed Forces Minister Mr Heappey said Ukrainians are "ready to fight for every inch of their country,” as 100 British troops trained Ukrainian forces in anti-tank weaponry.” British troops have been in Ukraine since 2015 to help train their armed forces. The UK has sent more than 2,000 NLAW anti-tank missiles to Ukraine’s forces to be used against Russian tanks if they break through the frontline. The White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that Russia's build up of tens of thousands of troops near its border with Ukraine had created an "extremely dangerous situation".

Mr Heappey said the UK missile supply demonstrated a show of support and warned: "What stands in front of us, what could be weeks away, is the first peer-on-peer, industrialised, digitised, top-tier army against top-tier army war that's been on this continent for generations. Earlier this week defence secretary Ben Wallace told MPs there was “legitimate and real cause for concern” that Russian troops at the Ukraine border could be used for an invasion.. "Tens of thousands of people could die. "This is not something that people in Moscow should believe to be bloodless. MORE ABOUT. This is not something that the rest of the world should stand by and ignore.” Western nations have become increasingly concerned the Kremlin is plotting to invade Ukraine (Image: Getty) Ukraine's Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov, 55, who has served in the position since November 2021, welcomed the announcement. "It's right that all diplomatic avenues are being exhausted, I just hope that as we're on the brink, people in Moscow start to reflect that thousands of people are going to die and that is not something that anybody should be remotely relaxed about. The German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock has already signalled that any further escalation "would carry a high price for the Russian regime — economic, political and strategic," during a visit to Kyiv on Monday.

" It comes after Boris Johnson said the UK is doing "everything possible" to support the people of Ukraine in the face of a Russian "disinformation campaign". The Prime Minister told the Cabinet that Russian President Vladimir Putin "must not be allowed to rewrite the rules" of international relations as tensions continue to mount.” Related articles. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is set to meet his Russian counterpart in Switzerland on Friday in a bid to stop hostilities. A senior State Department official said: "We are now at a point where Russia could launch an attack on Ukraine at any time." Read More Read More .