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Teen tennis ace Emma Raducanu is back in the UK

Emma Raducanu reunited with her father as she arrives back in Britain

9/16/2021 12:21:00 PM

Emma Raducanu reunited with her father as she arrives back in Britain

Ian, is the motor behind Emma's tennis drive, lifted her arm victoriously aloft and then hugged his 18-year-old daughter - but her mother Renee did not come out to pose with the sports superstar.

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Festive film debut for Little Mix star

Boxing Day, the first British Christmas rom-com led by an all-black cast, is released Friday 3 December.

This is a hero that young females can inspire to be. She's so young, talented and proud to be British. Her win was excellent in the US open, as was her performance in Wimbledon. Can't wait to see her have a stellar career. Don't think the papers should be posting pictures of her house. 🤣🇨🇦

Emma Raducanu tipped to be multimillionaire in next few years: 'That's just beginning' EMMA RADUCANU has been tipped to become a multimillionaire in the next few years by a sports marketing expert.

Emma Raducanu: Tennis champion, 18, stuns in Met Gala 2021 outfit after US Open triumph EMMA RADUCANU put on a stunning display at the Met Gala in New York last night, just days after the tennis star became Britain's first female Grand Slam champion in 44 years at the US Open.

Boris Johnson talks with Emma Raducanu and discusses growth of grassroots tennisJurgen Klopp and Jessica Ennis-Hill joined in with the widespread praise of the teenager from Kent. Anything but his day job.

Emma Raducanu is about to discover that famous teenage girls can’t win | Laura SnapesPetrifying young women still in the earliest stages of working out who they might become stymies their potential for growth, writes Guardian deputy music editor Laura Snapes ‘Teenage girls’? She is a young woman. “If they blunder – act their age – they’re lambasted. If they defy the limited imagination of the cult that has built up around them, or admit to its pressures, they’re a disappointment, an ingrate, an inconvenience.” Not even going to read this. The Guardian should do better in its headline writing - I suspect in its 'journalism' too - although I cant confirm that as I wont be reading the article and I hope that Emma wont either.

The best Met Gala 2021 trends and looks, from Emma Raducanu to AOCCould anyone or anything outshine the rising tennis superstar at New York’s most fashionable event? They certainly tried, says Charlie Gowans-Eglinton

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