Supermodel Elle Macpherson promotes anti-vax campaign and calls it ‘sacred’ and ‘divine’

Supermodel Elle Macpherson promotes anti-vax campaign and calls it ‘sacred’ and ‘divine’

11/24/2020 2:33:00 PM

Supermodel Elle Macpherson promotes anti-vax campaign and calls it ‘sacred’ and ‘divine’

You might know supermodel Elle Macpherson from her time hosting Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model or even her record five cover appearances on Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. Or perhaps her iconic romance storyline on Friends.

Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model or even her record five cover appearances onSports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. Or perhaps her iconic romance storyline onFriends. The Australian supermodel has been a big name in fashion for decades now. But now Macpherson is seems to also making a name for herself in anti-vax circles.

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The model and business woman has been criticised for seemingly promoting an anti-vaccination campaign led by her boyfriend.It’s worth noting that her boyfriend, Andrew Wakefield, is a disgraced former doctor.He was struck off from practising medicine in the UK after publishing sham research which claimed that measles vaccines lead to autism. His bogus study led to an increasing number of people refusing to vaccinate their kids.

After being struck off, he moved to the US and started producing anti-vax films, which is what Macpherson was seen promoting.According to footage from, the model stood on a stage in North Carolina and introduced her boyfriend’s new film.She reportedly said:

You made this film during COVID, and it’s interesting because it’s such beautiful, sacred timing when you watch the film, because it’s so pertinent and so relevant.Macpherson continued: “And for it to come in this divine time where vaccination and mandatory vaccination is on everybody’s lips.”

Vaccination is, of course, on everybody’s lips thanks to promising news about the development of potentially life-saving jabs.Oxford AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna have all announced vaccines with high efficacy.Results from trials show that there are no serious safety concerns involved in taking them.

To deal with anti-vax sentiments, encouraged by the likes of Macpherson,  lawmakers and corporations are working out how to encourage everybody to take the vaccines.The boss of, an international airline, just revealed that they won’t allow passengers to board flights unless they can prove they’ve been vaccinated.

Let’s hope that too many people aren’t taken in by Macpherson and Wakefield’s antics. Read more: The Independent »

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Na I’ll be good Why do the press report these views of people who are famous for nought but being in the limelight? Walk on by. No respect to her for this. still a beauty Isn't she full of botox? Just asking. Who gets their health advice and science from a supermodel 🤷‍♂️ Or looking to Glamorize of her waning image!

Just hope no one she cares for dies from it then😜 All please make an effort and Google 'h1n1 vaccine side effects' and you'd be surprised that hastily created vaccine can indeed be dangerous. Following her husband's BS....Super-stupid more like! Never heard of her. But her choice of words are stilly!!🙄

Wakefield really has got his claws into her ! Super what? Well supermodels are well known for their academic achievements and brain power 🙄 Idiot It's a good vacuum cleaner but I wouldn't go as far as to call it sacred. I’ve always used vax mine is great at cleaning the car Come to live in Europe or USA and then we can talk about it.

Andrew Wakefield should have been locked up years ago and the key thrown into the ocean. Dangerous psychopath. the body but not the mind 🧠 Remove white supremacy and she’d be rather ordinary. d beauty hasn't got d brain, but only d tormenting beastly narcissism 🙄 For the edit. You can cute and super dumb.

Part of the tin foil, tin hat brigade. Sad that it proves the myth of beauty and a lack of brains At 53 body still better than most of young woman nowadays Moron Good for her, not only beautiful but also smart 👍 More proof that beauty and fame does not constitute intelligence. Oh, she sucks? K. Daft bint.

Stupid woman. Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in thirty years... Very good. One more vaccine dose for someone else and hopefully one less anti-vaxxer if she catches it. Why? That's her off my Xmas list then. This people should be cancelled! She gives stupid a bad name Oh dear Polio Diphtheria Smallpox Whooping cough Tetanus Rubella Among the vaccinations that have prevented diseases that we wouldn't want back

Antivaxx is a form of terrorism and I hope the police get the powers to prosecute that they are asking for. Stop giving them oxygen It might be interesting for her to work in a care home, or an intensive care ward, with those affected by Covid - and those who can’t see friends or family- for a few days to see if that changes her mind.

Why are you giving coverage to this? ESTA LINDA PERO ....NO SE SI SEGIRLA A TAMAÑA PELOTUDEZ LOCURA PELIGROSA Anti-vax kills children. End of. Just plain dumb. You shouldn't listen to anyone who uses words like 'sacred' or 'divine'. They're obviously delusional. Idiot. I'm sure she will change her mind when it grounds her jetsetting lifestyle.

Are 'super' models still a thing or is this the 90s? nutcase We should start prosecuting people for promoting anti-vax life as they endanger other people's lives. Sephora clearly doesn’t mind that their ad partner is trying to get people killed by arguing against vaccines. No one is forcing you to take the vaccine. Just go away.

But she’s been vaccinated.. peterjukes Lock her up... She is obviously one of these people described in the article. She’s just scared. After seven years in Medical Model School and never having had a role in Casualty or Grey's Anatomy she clearly is the voice of Science on this issue and I'm convinced.

That's high grade dumb 😏 peterjukes Ah the well known virologist Elle Macpherson. peterjukes Her partner is the idiot disgraced doctor who said MMR caused autism. She never was the sharpest tool in the box. peterjukes Wasn’t she also a friend of Epstein’s? peterjukes So glad her name has that little ‘a’ in it now.

Super thick She should be locked up without any contect to any humen being or even better leave her in the wilderness and come ask her again after a month. Another celeb who is an expert. Shall we follow the science? Pillock Her major skill set is the pony walk. Just as Shapeero demonstrated bitching behind the scenes, Macpherson offers us loony idiocy on long legs. On both counts, let's hope their selfish privilege is called out before anyone else gets hurt.

I can tell you’re demonising. Some people are scared, they’re entitled to be scared & the best way to convince them there’s nothing to worry about isn’t trying to make them out to be evil. They’re going to vaccinate the elderly first & if that goes well, people will come around. If these idiots think they are capable of giving medical advice they should be held legally accountable as any doctor would for the deaths and physical harm they cause.

Oh boy. I knew it wouldn’t take long for the ignorant Americans to make the pandemic never ending. I've seen a lot of tweets *claiming* that masks ain't good for us. If thas the case, then how come people who've been wearing them for years (workplaces) haven't made this claim? I wear one for *minutes* when shopping then remove it once outside. Mountains an molehills anyone?

what's wrong with these people? antivaxxers? Idiot Beauty fades. Dumb is forever. Why are you giving idiots like this the oxygen of publicity? They’re dangerous and need to be left back in the stone age where these views belong. 👎🏿👎🏿 Who? Fitting the Model stereotype perfectly - sadly. Would be great if she died as an example

The key word here is mandatory and she can express her opinion unfortunately maybe under influence from her circle or not Deadly stupidity. In the old days they lined all is kids up in the cafeteria & gave us our shots. We took them, too. We could see the last of the polio kids dragging themselves down the hall. We over 60 are having to get our childhood vaccinations again because of anti-vaxxers.

They say they have microchips She's a model not a medic. So I don't know why this nonsense is amplified. Cos he fella has no history here, does he? She’s so hot she must be right. Well that's just great Good girl O que tem de bonita tem de ignorante. My body my choice She wont be travelling internationally without being vaccinated. So theres that.

Maybe it’s her boyfriend Putting paid to the rumours that models are thick then. She's not a virologist or an epidemiologist so not an expert therefore her views on this are not relevant. The Body, No Brain. Anti-vax, young earth, climate change denying, anti-mask, COVID-19 denying, etc... all result from the lack of capacity to grasp science at its basic level. People have no idea how technology works but use it to spread ignorance.

Perhaps she might want to consider history. Take a look at information on polio in the early 1950's. Vaccinations save lives. Are they perfect? of course not but way better then the alternative!! Why are you publicising idiocy? Still going with the former doctor who was struck off I see. Shame on you and your murderous boyfriend who created panic amongst parents who believed his anti-vax propaganda and their babies suffered.

If you get your health advice from a supermodel (with no medical background), YOU are the problem. If you give an idiot a platform to voice their worthless opinion, YOU are the problem. For as long as people existed, village idiots yelled things and were ignored. But now ... If you get your health advise from a supermodel (with no medical background), YOU are the problem. If you give an idiot a platform to voice their worthless problem, YOU are the problem. For as long as people existed, village idiots yelled things and were ignored. But now ...

Not much between these ears then. what does she call herself? she's certainly neither sacred nor divine nor super and certainly not a model ... [wtf's a model anyway] Remember her jumping the queue with her kids at Luna Park. Knew she was a douche way back then. Beauty not always has brains! Do you give all ex models a platform? Excellent. When will you be writing about my views on the pandemic, the government’s many failures and the immensely foolish decision to turn Xmas into a SARS-CoV-2 superspreader event?

Taking healthcare advice from a super model is like taking modeling advice from a doctor. And The Independent is amplifying her message. Well done. Not. Let her get ill and pass it in to someone who she cares about, assuming the is anyone other than herself A great philosopher of our time 🤪 So, the society of Dunning-Krugerists keeps growing. The ignorant think they can opine and influence others about things they know nothing about. The upside of being dumb is they'll never know they're dumb.

Oh ffs God, the stupidity That's when beauty and stupidity get together. We shouldn't be taking health advice from a model. We shouldn't be taking medical advice from anyone who isn't a doctor or medical researcher. It's a death cult, don't publicise it. 🙄 girl, go away Well she wont be able to travel on Qantas.

This is why I always say never take medical advice from fashion models. No one listens. The expression on her face leads me to believe she's loaned her brain out somewhere else. To her dog, perhaps. Oh you silly sausage She should stick to being a clothes rack. No. Who ? Hello Karen! We shouldn’t even be writing articles about this madness, we’re just promoting it & driving those people intrigued to go looking for it.

A super model epidemiologist, what more could we ask for in our time of need, she is a divine and sacred cow.. Wholly crap, we all are supposed to go around NOT thinking models are idiots... then this sort of thing pops up again. UGH read the room, moron, your timing is pretty shit to be an anti-vaxer. We won’t go into the credibility of vaccine.

Only if she lived in the jungle 🙈🙈🙈 Airheads airheading Idiot Poor man’s Kate Humble. Well then you shouldn’t be giving her dangerous rubbish extra promotion!! Nothing better than a Facebook expert, she will have blood on her hands, why do people believe the words of the untrained idiots. She’s always been a moron.

This headline alone is giving her an platform without questions. Very unfortunate. Oh dear oh dear, brainwashed Either brain dead, wilfully reckless or off her trolley. Asshole also look pretty 🤢 Promoting her boyfriend's crazy campaign. So irresponsible 😡 And she matters because...........? And she is an expert in immunology because— why?

Not saying supermodels aren’t intelligent, but I really don’t give a shit what they say over the scientific community on this one. Why publicise lunatics? 🤦🏼‍♀️ ellemacpherson is clearly desperately ignorant of basic science. Can the hospitals refuse to treat you for COVID-19 too, cause the life of the medical staff putting themselvs at risk to save lives is also 'sacred' and 'divine', so they can focus on genuine unfortunate cases? And not irresponsible persons!

Can we get a count on how many nutters are out there? Daft bint. 'Curiouser and curiouser' said Alice 🧚‍♀️🧝‍♀️ You couldn't make it up could you? Oh, but Elle & her beau just did, never mind rationality! Dangerous cables cost lives. She is well known for her looks not her brain, what else do we need to clarify?

Well, models have never been acknowledged for their superiour intelect. Nobody is forcing you to wax your cooch Elle. It's perfectly ok to be anti - wax 👍 THE MMR JAB WILL NOT GIVE YOUR KIDS AN AUTISM DIAGNOSIS.... Don't listen to the nonsense spouted by Andrew Wakfield's (struck off as a Dr in the UK for his lies on autism/vax) partner. She is as delusional as Wakefield. One wonders if all these anti-vaxers have benefited from the measles, TB, rubella etc vaxes they so hate.

Idiot! 😂 omg twitter back at again with the jokes Supermodel maybe but in other areas a totally clueless bimbo So she IS just a bimbo with a pretty face, like a clotheshanger. 'SpongeBob SquarePants explains why vaccines are dangerous' Thats how the title of your article sounds. Who cares about a nonexpert bimbo on her opinions regarding vaccines?

another one who's gone completely bonkers Media need to be v careful what's promoted online as well I'll listen whe she has her doctorate in modelling. 🙄 Ugh. Go away ellemacpherson and take your ex-doctor boyfriend with you. Her boyfriend caused many scared naive parents not to give their kids the Mmr which is now resulting in spike in mumps and measles in adults because herd immunity is compromised -utterly irresponsible then as it is now 😡

Not the sharpest tool in the shed yet she doesn't think botox does any harm obviously She should call it “deadly” too. And should prepare to take responsibility for people dying if she’s so willing to promote it. ellemacpherson She's part of the Gloop mafia, so of course. It's always a good thing when people take into account what other absolutely ignorant and incompetent people opine about a subject they know nothing about, as it signals the growth in members of the Dunning-Kruger society. And I was being disingenious, it's not good, obviously.

Whatever. I’m so sick of all this god crap from imbeciles. Because her boyfriend lied about vaccinations giving kids autism why doesn´t she visit a corona intensive care unit...?...there she can ask people how they feel...sacred and divine?... Pretty moronic. Come on Elle you're better than this. (Hope i sounded sincere).

Where did she qualify as an MD? Her job is to be pretty not give medical advice, why is this even an article? Giving people like this a platform just makes the problem worse. Fool! Good Lord Australia! What are you good for? Macpherson, Rupert Murdoch and Julian Assange. Ugh. Good thing that Joey dumped her

This is really irresponsible, don’t give her oxygen for clicks She and her family should be refused medical treatment She's literally banging the fraud Wakefield, of course, she's on board with his anti-vax scam. But isn't she going out with the lunatic who was proven to be making shit up regarding vaccinations? The same lunatic who was barred from practicing medicine because he was a fraud? Yes let's believe her. 😂

She looks like she calls food un-necessary as well