When will workers return to the office?

When will workers return to the office?

11/24/2020 2:26:00 PM

When will workers return to the office?

Boris Johnson has said that those in England who can work from home should continue to do so

On Monday,Boris Johnsonannounced that when lockdown lifts, England will return to a three-tier system that will last until the end of March.However, the new tier system is stricter than its predecessor, with Mr Johnson explaining that while the previous tiers did reduce the R-number (or how many people one infected person passes the virus on to), “they were not quite enough to reduce it below one”.

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“So the scientific advice, I am afraid, is that as we come out is that our tiers need to be made tougher,” he added.Read moreThe government will announce which areas have been allocated to which tiers on Thursday.But how do the new restrictions impact the advice when it comes to working from home? 

Ahead of the tier system coming into place next week, here’s everything you need to know about remote working.Who should continue to work from home?The government has said that all workers in England should continue to work from home as lockdown lifts if they can. headtopics.com

“In particular, in tier 1 people should work from home wherever possible,” Mr Johnson said in his speech.The same advice applies to those in tiers 2 and 3. Those who cannot work from home, such as those working in construction and hospitality, can continue to go to work, however, they should follow the government’s

on working safely during the pandemic.Additionally, you can visitto see how your employer can implement measures to make you feel safe in your workplace.When will we be able to return to the office?It’s not clear when the government will change its advice regarding working from home.

However, it has been reported that workers could be told to continue working from home if they can until April 2021, given that this is when the tier system is currently due to run until.But this will be subject to the current infection rates and the R number.

Some companies have already vowed not to return to the office until next summer. Read more: The Independent »

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