Sturgeon: Harassment policy 'not about Salmond' - BBC News

Scotland's first minister says Alex Salmond was 'tough to work for' but she had not heard concerns about his alleged sexual behaviour.

3/3/2021 12:08:00 PM

Nicola Sturgeon is giving evidence to inquiry about Scottish government’s investigation into Alex Salmond, after calls for her to resign Watch and follow live here:

Scotland's first minister says Alex Salmond was 'tough to work for' but she had not heard concerns about his alleged sexual behaviour.

PA MediaCommittee convener Linda Fabiani asked about the harassment policyImage caption: Committee convener Linda Fabiani asked about the harassment policyCommittee convener Linda Fabiani asks the first minister to outline how the new policy on harassment came about.

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Ms Sturgeon cites the #metoo movement which brought accusations of sexual harassment to the fore in autumn 2017.She says the allegations moved into the political sphere and in late October there were newspaper stories about sexual harassment at the Scottish Parliament.

She says there was a concern that women did not have the confidence to bring complaints forward.Ms Sturgeon says the Cabinet had a discussion and decided it should review its processes.One of the gaps that had been identified in the existing policy was the ability to address historic complaints against government ministers.

"It was not expressly requested by me or the cabinet, it was perceived to be a gap," she says.Ms Sturgeon says there were three main changes to the policy between early November and when it was signed off on 20 December 2017.Firstly, current ministers were added in to the policy, she says.

Secondly, the first minister's role in the process was removed."Given this was decision about politicians or former politicians I thought that was appropriate," she says.And thirdly, in the case of former ministers a first minister should not be told about the investigation or the outcome until the end of that process.

Ms Sturgeon says there is a"distinction" between current and former ministers because the first minister has an ongoing duty to consider whether someone is fit for office. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Is it any coincidence that She gave evidence on Budget day which was heavily leaked in advance! 8 hour grilling. Just shows you how corrupt politicians (in this case Scottish! ) can be! Where is the justice for the abused Most people know politics can be a corrupte business and someone is always ready to step into your job If you get caught bending the rules to further your career it's just part of the job and all the publicity that comes with it It just depends on how good your spin doctors are

I always though it was innocent until proved guilty, could be wrong though Excellent questioning by jackiebmsp to NicolaSturgeon. Looking like the fam wall is starting to crack as georgegalloway predicted.... Can’t wait to see the back of her she reminds me of Jimmy cranky WeNeedR2PInMyanmar savemyanmar

SNP in-fighting will only weaken the case for indyref2. I wonder who’s benefiting from all this? Her nose appears to be getting longer? Will someone tell Linda Fabiani this isn’t about her and she meant to be impartial will she let the committee get on wit there questioning instead of jumpin in wen Nic comes unstuck

IStandWithNicola BBCPolitics TORIES ASK HER TO RESIGN YOU MEAN? led by one of the biggest liers in HISTORY. SACKED 3 TIMES FOR LYING PRINT THIS BBC. All this reminds me of the last few episodes of 'The Thick Of It' (enquiry ones) What sort of “Set me up” uncorroborated spurious allegations is that clown “Jackie Baillie” making? You just know she’s on the “PfeffelStaffel” payroll. Did baillie get her training from the West Midlands crime squad?

Tell she is lying time after time, see how red her Jimmy Krankie face goes when she does it BBCPolitics How about folk shut up about Westminster, it’s about Holyrood today! The what-aboutery is irrelevant! Sturgeon is up to her neck in it! Stuttering alot.This is showing her up for what she is.The aftermath can only be one thing.were watching her and SNP being showed for what they are.

No tight-fitting bright red brassy twin set today. Where was all the publicity when Hancock was proven to have acted illegally in awarding contracts without proper tendering? You really are pushing the Scot vote towards independence picking on their leader but not the English ones. bbcnewsnotfitforpurpose

NS is probably one of the more sincere, honest people in politics. If you disagree, fine, but there are a lot of shady politicians exercising deliberate, premeditated unlawful actions/lying & that does NOT describe FM NS. Next: Tory Review of legal actions not taken! Bad! 'Knowingly'..... is the crucial word here.

She’s very vague with everything but so certain about the stuff that defends her Why doesn't the BBC talk about the Tory corruption in Westminster but is all over this? BiasedBroadcastingCorporation Where was your coverage of M.Gove People are blind . All theater.. its a lovers tiff. 2 people that have been intimate and now estranged and now playing out in public

Squirming 🤭 Do not go into any invest without a proper knowledge of when to invest, where to invest and how to invest.. for investment ideas contact adinksphillip If she was confident in what happened and that she was innocent she would say this but is hiding behind the memory lapse defence, she is ducking and diving the truth and should resign given she cannot refute the accusations

Her defence seems to be “ that things might have occurred but my recollection is different “ so she is claiming I didn’t lie I just remembered if differently, this shockingly poor she is not refuting people’s version of what she did just her memory isn’t great. Colluded to put an innocent man in prison, jail her.

Devious, lying cow sackthetart Nicola is coming over very well please do not resign, Alex Salmond should be ashamed also the BBC Wee Nippys head nodding and bobbing like a pigeon in the park. BBCPolitics There's clearly something fishy going on. Can't watch it - the wobbling of the head side to side BBCPolitics She needs to swim faster or she's gonna sink.

If only the BBC were this interested in reporting the lies and corruption of our Tory government How can anyone listen to that voice for more than 30 seconds is beyond me, the enquiry members need a medal for having to endure that pain IStandWithNicola Resign. Do us all a favour. The country is on its knees, how much has this cost. 🤡

BBCPolitics Hey BBC News, how about investigating the lies and corruption in Downing Street that have gone largely unreported and totally unpunished? BBCPolitics Whilst the tories steal billions from the people, give bungs to their pals and donors, the BBC decide we should all be more interested about a SNP spat about 3 days. If you’re Scottish see this for what it is Tory/BBC deflection tactic 😊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Looks like the Scotts are finding out the English don't intend to lose their nuclear launch bases in Scotland. RuleBritannia🇬🇧 Flagrant breaches left right and centre. Interfering in criminal proceedings. Using the courts as a political tool to silence Salmond. Erosion of the separation of powers. SNP failing on Covid, education, the NHS, fiscal responsibility. Biz still waiting for money HMGov sent.

BBC News = government shills Love the way these people can't admit they lied, they say they made an error 😂 Not limited to Nicola, so many in the public eye do this They even Arrest Ambulance Myanmar NorthOkkalapa Knew nothing about NicolaSturgeon husband PeterMurrell but from what I've just read he appears to be a compulsive liar. NicolaSturgeon ScottishIndependence

👋 bye cranky doodle. 😎 ✌️ 🇬🇧 ⚒ Taxi for Krankie She hasn't got the gills for this the right-wing zealots are doing to Nicola what they did to Jeremy Corbyn, don't let the bastards get away with it this time. they want everything on their terms, bullies every last man jack of them. stand up to them they have backbones made from chocolate eclairs, go Nicola!

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