Spitting Image to return to TV after 23 years with 'Trump and Meghan Markle puppets'

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Original series was one of the most acclaimed comedies of its era

“I’ll tell you what. The day I need a friend like you, I’ll just have myself a little squat and s*** one out.”"Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries."If any of you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas for me, I have one. I'd like Frank Shirley, my boss, right here tonight.


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BrexitAlex Please…. not a PC spitting image!


BrexitAlex Oh Any chance it will be pro remain in the sketches?

☂️😇☂️ Fallout101

WOW, I want a front row seat :)

BrexitAlex It'll just be more Trump and Brexit bashing.

BrexitAlex It all depends on the team behind the puppets and if they are manacled on their content. If not I can't wait.

American writers though

BrexitAlex Can’t wait for the Lammy, Abbott and Corbyn ones 😂

BrexitAlex If John Oliver’s got anything to do with it, it’ll be absolute dog shit

Political bias will kill it dead 💀

BrexitAlex Bound to be more leftie liberal bias !!!

BrexitAlex So pleased to hear this, used to laugh so much, we could do with some laughter.


Let's hope it's edgy and not politically correct 'orange man bad' lefty tripe

Not sure we need anymore grotesque caricatures at the moment, cheers 👍🏼

Please we need a Scottish Edition with NicolaSturgeon at the fore She has the advantage in that she can play herself without the need to create a foam rubber caricature

Oh so good😀

We need to laugh or cry and this is exactly what we need, something to make us laugh at the politicians and other powerful idiots!

Couldn’t come at a better time in politics. We could all do with a chuckle.

Good news

skysarahjane And at the moment the scripts are writing themselves!! Comedy gold

I loved this , show , used to be on on a Sunday night , was just thinking the other week it would be great if it was back on tv , what with the political landscape where in today . I still watch old ones on YouTube , Didn’t a lot of the original puppets get destroyed in a fire

AOC, Greta, potential material is endless, but, of course they will fuck it up and make it pointless PC anti Trump crap

skysarahjane But it wont be the same, Comedy is lost on people nowadays easily offended and far to PC

What about a Gina puppet also?

skysarahjane The left wing bigots have already decided the MM puppet is racist

skysarahjane Cannot wait!

Thought it had ! You mean to say what's going on is for real 😳

...in America

Will London's Burnung be on before it again as well?

Cartoonmuseumuk Not before time...

skysarahjane Brill.

Maybe they can rekindle the glory days, the current muppets can't surpassed. 3yrs of Brexit, still can't get their 💩together.

skysarahjane Bout dam time!

At last! I suggested this shortly after the referendum. Can't wait to see how Cummings & his sidekick NotMyPM turn out or will it be used as just another way to attack Corbyn, the man who threatens the corrupt greed-is-good status quo?

Long as they take the piss out of everyone .. looking forward to it

skysarahjane Can’t wait ...

Cartoonmuseumuk Oh thank goodness. This might just be the missing piece that will finally swing the world back into balance again.

Oh dear. They tried something similar a few years ago. It was cringe. I don't know if a revival of the original would do any better

Oh god no, it was shite the first time around...

skysarahjane 3 years too late

skysarahjane Great news

How would you parody Trump more than he’s doing himself?


skysarahjane Oh the offence to politicians this would cause.. humbug

Old school



Yippee. Boris alerts lawyers.

Excellent news😁😁👍😊 Lets hope these new shows irritate trump and bojo (and their supporters!👍😁) as much as previous shows did!

skysarahjane Oh God please no.

skysarahjane Yaaaaaaaaaaasss

Corbyn puppet won’t look much different than corbyn.

skysarahjane Finally a more stable Parliament is on its way ☺️

But they won’t touch Johnson.....odd......

This is golden.. can’t wait

skysarahjane Guess we're not including steptoe in political satire? 🙄

Always good to see how the puppets resembled their subjects.

skysarahjane To American tv.

Wow....every single MP needs their own puppet. So much material 🤔

skysarahjane We all know it will be insufferable leftwing pro EU nonsense


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