Sir David Amess killing was terrorist incident, Met Police say

Sir David Amess killing was terrorist incident, say police

10/16/2021 2:32:00 AM

Sir David Amess killing was terrorist incident, say police

Police say the fatal stabbing of Tory MP Sir David Amess has a potential link to Islamist extremism.

Sir David, 69, who represented Southend West, was holding a constituency surgery - where voters can meet their MP and discuss concerns - at Belfairs Methodist Church on Friday when he was attacked.The Met said its counter-terrorism command was leading the investigation alongside colleagues from Essex Police and the Eastern Region Specialist Operations Unit (ERSOU).

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Essex Police chief constable BJ Harrington said Sir David was "simply dispensing his duties when his life was horrifically cut short".Following the attack, Home Secretary Priti Patel asked all police forces to review security arrangements for MPs "with immediate effect".

Ms Patel said the killing "represents a senseless attack on democracy itself", adding that "questions are rightly being asked about the safety of our country's elected representatives".Sir David had been an MP since 1983 and was married with five children. He is the second serving MP to be killed in the past five years, following the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox in 2016.

House of Commons speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle told BBC2's Newsnight that police were contacting all MPs to check on their security and reassure them following the killing of Sir David.He said he had gone ahead with his constituency surgery as normal on Friday evening and said it was essential that MPs were able to retain their relationship with their constituents.

"We have got to make sure that democracy survives this," he said.But Conservative MP Tobias Elwood told BBC Radio 4's The World Tonight he would recommend that no MP should have face-to-face meetings with constituents following the stabbing of Sir David.

"You can move to Zoom... you can actually achieve an awful lot over the telephone," he said.And Kim Leadbeater, the sister of Ms Cox and MP for Batley and Spen, said her partner hadfollowing Sir David's death.Who was Sir David Amess?Image source,

Getty ImagesA Conservative backbencher for nearly forty years, Sir David entered Parliament in 1983 as the MP for Basildon.He held the seat in 1992, but switched to nearby Southend West at the 1997 election.Raised as a Roman Catholic, he was known politically as a social conservative and as a prominent campaigner against abortion and on animal welfare issues.

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He was also known for his championing of Southend, including a long-running campaign to win city status for the town.Meanwhile, tributes have been paid to Sir David from across politics and within his local community.Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he had an "outstanding record of passing laws to help the most vulnerable", adding "we've lost today a fine public servant and a much loved-friend and colleague".

Media caption,Boris Johnson said Sir David Amess was one of the "kindest, nicest, most gentle people in politics"Father Jeff Woolnough, parish priest at nearby St Peter's Catholic Church, described Sir David as "a great, great man, a good catholic and a friend to all".

"He's died doing that, that's the remarkable thing. He's died serving the people," he said.He led a mass at the church on Friday evening in memory of Sir David, describing him as "Mr Southend". Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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So many people die by being stabbed everyday of the week no one bats a eye lid one of the posh lot gets stabbed and its terrorism oh really😫 r.i.p tho no disrespect to the dead! BBCPolitics We demand safety of Bangladeshi Hindus. ✊ StopCommunalAttack SaveBangladeshiHindus BangladeshiHinduWantSafety WeDemandSafety WeDemandJustice SaveHindus SaveHinduTemples SaveOurCommunity SaveHumanity

Police added: 'The early investigation has revealed a potential motivation linked to Islamist extremism.' Theological terrorists exist. It's official - not a white dude, repeat Not some white dude. I know it's a sad, sad event and my sympathies for his family. But why is there wall to wall discussion of the political ramifications on all the chat radio stations right now? Can't get away from it. Even on 5Live, Times Radio, BBC4...

Sickening, but because the man is of Somali heritage, although British and a Muslim it’s labelled terrorism? Could possibly be disgruntled disenfranchised member of public suffered too much of late and thought to murder his MP. That would indicate public unrest. However mostly peaceful. Taken out because he was against vaccine and mask mandates

It might be counter terrorism operation. Sir David Amess was affiliated with terrorist group MEK. A misguided soul! Sad! The left wing show themselves to be so tolerant in public compared to the right I didn't see this one coming. Nope. 🙄 🙏 Parliament Members dutifully working for democracy even when faced with extreme hatred of marginalized minorities migrated from the wars of other countries. rememberingDavidAmess

Watch: Sir Keir Starmer pays tribute to murdered MP Sir David AmessSir Keir Starmer has paid tribute to murdered MP Sir David Amess.The 69-year-old, who represented Southend West, was stabbed multiple times during a constituency surgery in Leigh-on-Sea on Friday.“Sir David had a profound sense of public duty. He was highly respected and much liked across the Houses of Parliament on all sides,” the Labour Leader said as he paid tribute to Mr Amess.“Violence, intimidation and threats will never prevail over the tireless work of public servents like David, simply doing his job.”Sign up to our breaking news email alerts here. Let’s not forget the banner at Tory conference saying “We only have to be lucky once” - seems rather ominous now doesn’t it. The violent rhetoric of the left must end. That includes referring to one’s opponents as ‘scum’ which Labour seems to tolerate from Shadow Ministers.

Ah yes, he must have failed the color test. SuzanneEvans1 How many children die in knife attacks in London everyday. .no body seems to care of that. It's sad what happened to this MP, but crime like this is normal in UK, don't see how is a terrorist, whoever killed him didn't hurt anyone else Was Thomas Mair a terrorist?

More people die from the vaccine than any T.... A..... What are all the right wing nutters going to do in response? Holding breath. Disgusting. political such incidents are what you call politiy violence here in Africa Zimbabwe in particular you need reforms. Soooo, Covid is finished Economy is perfect And we are back to good old terrorism news? I just do not trust Boris!

Tory MP Sir David Amess stabbed 'multiple times' in church – police seal off the areaA TORY MP has been stabbed multiple times as he met with members of his constituency in Leigh-on-Sea. MORE: It's understood that David Amess was meeting constituents at his weekly surgery. Unforgiveable...... Dear Rt.Hon. Sir David Amess ...R.I.P

Just wait. We'll find out the murderer came across on a dinghy ,then there will be hell to pay.🤔😬 😪 Depending on skin colour some killings are due to mental health problems and some are terrorist incidents Let’s watch it be blamed on brexit or COVID! Hmmm I’m an African. Stop the racist comments. We demand safety of Bangladeshi Hindus. ✊ Stop_Communal_Attack Save_Bangladeshi_Hindus BangladeshiHinduWantSafety WeDemandSafety WeDemandJustice SaveHindus SaveHinduTemples SaveOurCommunity SaveHumanity

Roll in the lefty’s …. Cannot blame mental health! Everyone will have some form of mental health and its no excuse to murder someone Bingo!

Sir David Amess was 'true gent' - inside life of 'great MP' stabbed to deathSir David Amess, 69, who had been an MP since 1983, was stabbed several times during an incident at a constituency surgery in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex so who stabbed him why dud they stab him what do the police say

British is British you wouldn't have said his heritage was Irish, Spanish, French or Danish but yet you say its Somalian. That's breeding racism! And then mentioning extreme religious views as a possible reason is then creating prejudice against a religious group. The man did it Time to review and remove supporters of Islam from U.K.

So very sad The grand replacement is happening folks...the killings won't stop until the UK has become an Islamic state. This is so sad and horrific! RIP How do we know so quickly that this is a terrorist attack? Because of the killer’s Somali heritage? What if he acted alone because he’s mentally ill or he was jobless and felt marginalized? Is mental illness only attributed to White killers? 🙄

If it’s a white guy it’s mental health, if it’s a person of colour it’s terrorism. That appears to be how it’s categorised in the west which boils my… A human being has died, let’s show some respect. Let the police conduct their investigation and let the media come up with unproven storylines that they run with because they seem to think they know better.

Cue the crackdown and 'enhanced security measures'. It’s only labelled a ‘terrorist incident’ because the attacker was so-called Muslim. That’s all. If this was a white man it would go down as a lone wolf attack with mental illness. The definition of terrorist needs to be changed to (Muslim only). He was from Somalia unfortunately some idiot gave him British citizenship instead of sending him back.

Sir David Amess: How a tragic day unfoldedHow constituents and authorities reacted to the tragic killing of Sir David Amess. The Tory will use this to gain even more power and the sheeps will love it.

Another Islamic terror attack. Bringing different cultures here has failed. Thought it was an alleged knifing incident by alleged militant . Is that how you report any incidents of terror in other countries like India ? Light another candle… Irresponsible to put this out so early in the investigation Agenda?

My heart felt condolences go to the gentleman’s family. Typically the BBC blame it on terrorists, shame on your organisation for again , spreading fear and scaremongering, no wonder you are losing so many viewers!!! Since when did terrorism become exclusive to Muslims? Did 'shock and awe' not terrorise the people of Iraq and our PM actively involved in committing it? Criteria for Police to announce a terrorist incident seems to be reliant on a Muslim carrying it out. Blatant discrimination.

No sh.t sherlock Imagine everyone’s surprise! RIP terrible news - just waiting for the statement 'the attacker was known to authorities' these scum need rounding up & taken off of our streets😡 How come when a Labour MP was murdered there was no investigation into their security and it wasn’t called terrorism. Oh yeah, she was assassinated over Brexit. That wouldn’t have looked good would it calling it that.

Tory MP Sir David Amess, 69, STABBED multiple times during constituency surgery as armed cops swoopARMED cops today stormed a church after a Tory MP was stabbed multiple times at a constituency surgery. Sir David Amess, who represents Southend West in Essex, was attacked at the meeting in Leigh-… Madness. Hopefully he’s ok.

No it was not, it was their policy the Tory makes. Bring back death penalty The real question is WHY⁉️ Must have been a brown person that did it. Barbaric act! Why does the terrorist kill a Conservative party MP? This is a new form of murder, where innocents are being targeted. And still they arrive in the dinghys

Of course! Politicians r always at risk for violent attacks, whether liberals or conservatives. The perp can be anyone & the reason(s) can be anything. Pray for him, his family & friends. It's a sad state of affairs when we can't resolve our differences in peace. condolences to the family of David Amess. at the same time, Great Britain colonized Somalia and killed their people - is this not terrorism? did someone apologize for this?

Replying to MP gets stabbed to death, it's a terrorist act, average Joe gets stabbed to death, part of living in a big city. Ok got it 👍

Sir David Amess: Latest after Conservative MP stabbed at constituency surgery - BBC NewsArmed police officers on scene, following the stabbing of Conservative MP Sir David Amess in Leigh-on-Sea A man has been arrested and police are not looking for anyone else in connection with the attack This is REALLY NOT good. Two sides of the 'Brexit' coin have been murdered the same way. If this doesn't prove that both the 'United' States and 'United' Kingdom are in for some hell like we've been warning. The Desistance and Disengagement Programme (DDP) was first introduced in 2016. DDP is a mandatory program that bridges the Prevent/Pursued workstreams and is designed to reduce the risk posed by individuals involved in terrorism or suspected terrorism-related activities. This guy from Save the children….. felt sorry for the good name and Jo Cox😡🙄

Religion of peace? Well if terrorism the the police vwill have known abt himm for years then . Army-owned Mytel tower blown up in Pakokku Yangon, October 16 Magway Division, Pakokku Township The military-owned Mytel tower at No. 3 (C) Field 2 Road was blown up last night. You don't say. 🤦‍♂️ So i guess he was an unknown threat, unknown to the police!!, bold headline

Desert Brain Cancer is a fundamental threat to the West. Europe understood this for centuries, then forgot. Wake up., DBC, LatAm Santaria, and Gun nut Evangelical American Protestantism are all death cults and threats to the enlightened West! Wake up or enjoy life in hellll! A Religion of Peace Stabbing. How surprising

HoraceChangJM God forbid, but I wonder what would happen if a security guard was supposed to be protecting a Jamaica politician got attacked like that?🤔 RIP David Amess. Deepest condolences to his family. 🙏. Has this 25 yo man been named? How’s it been determined so quickly it was terrorism & not just another random knife street crime? Sure he was a public figure etc but for police to so quickly label it an act of terrorism 🤔

He is NOT British. If you think he's British you are missing the point or too 'woke' to accept it. Wake up, it might be you next. Shantidoot as per Twitter BBCHindi 미래의 인류의모습에서-천연두 말라리아 코로나19등은 한낱 추억이될뿐 러시아의 패턴인듯?-러시아인들 혼자 움켜쥐고 있는듯 현각국의 백신타령은 억지식 과학? 핵심을 찾아야할듯 러시아의패턴--전쟁의 후리는식인듯? Over 1000 people entered UK illegally yesterday . with no background checks they are not coming work and contribute to society they have one thing in mind revenge

I thought because it was a white guy killing a white dude they will say...the attacker had a mental things have changed! whiteprivilege gone amok here... 1) It's time to bring the death penalty back. 2) This country needs to look after our own , and stop letting these murdering migrants into the country .

Never Heard of a Somalian terrorist 🤷🏻‍♂️ Pirate maybe but terrorist 🙄 And again it's proved that Brexit was the right thing to be done. RIP Sir Amess. No one deserves to die, giving it a label does not give it any credence. Murder is murder no excuses. It’s 1:20am when you made this correction. I’m sure lots of British people will miss this critical information. We need to know if terrorists are ramping up attacks. Thanks America by the way for destabilising the Middle East.

He was stabbed and killed by a Somali refugee whose inherent barbaric nature compelled him to murder in the name of his religion. A very common tale, yet depressingly, an oft savage one. The terrorists are the occupiers So I take it the attacker was a POC then? 'Religion of Peace' again? My favorit BBC Oh FFS! 😡

When are the BBC going to acknowledge that they are the terrorists or at the very least the fuel for the fire - this is not democracy! A sad event A whole life term. Many will call for the death penalty to be reinstated. DavidAmess

'A potential motivation linked to islamic extremism'. Oh fuck, here we go again. Farage, Lawrence Fox, GB news, they'll all be using this to perpetuate hate towards minorities now. At least fucking confirm the link instead of saying potential. Such half assed reporting. The terror threat is still real. Consequences of the Iraq war. People have a right to self defence. He should have had personal protection weapon of some kind. Royals get millions for security and have their own military.

Was the Jo Cox killing a terrorist incident? 'British' Replace the word ‘terrorist’ with ‘a Muslim’….once again committing murder in the name of Islam. Give it a rest. The replies I mean. For one fucking day lads. All other comments aside my thoughts are with his friends and family during this difficult time x

If he was on a watchlist, which they usually are then it’s a disgrace. Rename the “watchlist” to “deport list” ASAP. edie_le 😀 Are these ticking upward? A culture of intolerance for self examination and criticism is everybody’s problem. (Aware of the hypocrisy)

What is happening to this world 😔 Sadly the terror continues. Would it not be as terrifying had it been one of his left voting constituents? If the incident itself isn’t sad enough… just look at these replies. The state of you all. Rip . Sad news. Love and prayers to his family and friends 🙏❤️ oh Horrifying 😥