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Simone Biles claps back at critics who call her a 'quitter'

Simone Biles claps back at critics who call her a 'quitter' a month after the Tokyo Games

9/7/2021 12:01:00 AM

Simone Biles claps back at critics who call her a 'quitter' a month after the Tokyo Games

Biles, 24, took to Instagram on Saturday to show off her silver and bronze medals from the Tokyo Olympics , saying she 'wouldn't change anything for the world.'

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Parents of Michigan school shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley deny charges of involuntary manslaughter

James and Jennifer Crumbley are accused of buying their son the handgun used in the shooting. They are also accused of ignoring warning signs before their son's rampage, such as a drawing found at their son Ethan's school desk which had the words 'blood everywhere'.

Her past achievements weren’t in question, her behaviour at the Tokyo Olympics were…. She withdrew after a crap performance citing mental health issues, then it was a dose of the twisties only to suddenly recover to take part in beam where she walked away with bronze

Trump REFUSES to back Texas abortion ruling: It's 'probably TEMPORARY'Donald Trump wouldn't say whether he agrees with the Supreme Court ruling upholding a new Texas heartbeat law that bans abortion after six weeks - or when a fetal heartbeat can be detected. His mother should have aborted him before he was born It is complex, because It allow women to abort with pills (within a month of pregnacy, at home) and at the same time outlaw abortion facilitators. But is not exectable by force but by denounce. Trump supporters must be exploding. First get the vaccine and now he won’t back the pro rapists law in Texas.

Australian music legends join forces in ‘vax the nation’ campaignAn industry brought to its knees by Covid-19 lockdowns calls on Australians to help bring back live performance in a national advertising campaign

Trent Alexander-Arnold: ‘To see the whole country get behind England was moving’Full-back was injured and ‘outside the bubble’ during Euro 2020 run but is determined to make right-back berth his own wow Yes, and southgate blew it, by playing defensive football against an inferior opponent. Just ridiculous 'MORRER PELA PÁTRIA OU VIVER SEM RAZÃO' 'MINHA PÁTRIA É VERDE, AMARELA, AZUL E BRANCA, MAS ESTÁ FERIDA DE VERMELHO, EXJIO HIGIENIZAÇÃO PELAS MINHAS FORÇAS DE DEFESA! 142-CF

Piers Morgan assures fans that he will be back on TV 'soon' after Ofcom winPiers Morgan took to Twitter on Monday to reveal that he will be back on TV 'soon' after he was cleared by Ofcom over his remarks about Meghan Markle back in March

Shifting Trent Alexander-Arnold into midfield is a blast from the failed pastUndoubted qualities at right-back are not enough for subtleties of playing further forward for England

UK recovery in doubt amid ‘perfect storm for construction’, economists warnLingering construction delays could threaten wider economic health and the government’s ‘Build Back Better’ ambitions Best keep printing money then... Tented NuTowns would be the plan if only we had some scouts to save Blighty Getting one legitimate trader is almost impossible. LisaDonalldT is a legitimate trader that trades with your funds and takes her own percentage while you get your profits 100%. She's a trader with difference 👌