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Trump REFUSES to back Texas abortion ruling: It's 'probably TEMPORARY'

Trump REFUSES to back Texas abortion ruling and calls it 'complex and probably TEMPORARY'

9/5/2021 9:45:00 PM

Trump REFUSES to back Texas abortion ruling and calls it 'complex and probably TEMPORARY'

Donald Trump wouldn't say whether he agrees with the Supreme Court ruling upholding a new Texas heartbeat law that bans abortion after six weeks - or when a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

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It's going backwards. It's a women's choice. Go the Don JimmyPatronis Still better than what WiltonSimpson & ChrisSprowls has done to stop bad girls from getting abortions... Which is nothing... These career politicians have done nothing... Trump is pro-choice,he tapped into the pro-life because he knew how to get republicans,Trump is more liberal than Bernie,but he know he can’t fool the democrats so he went to the GOP and told them he loves Jesus and he became president.

Fearing retribution from past history!?!?! Temporary Ffs .. 'I'm studying it right now.. ' Trump supporters must be exploding. First get the vaccine and now he won’t back the pro rapists law in Texas. It is complex, because It allow women to abort with pills (within a month of pregnacy, at home) and at the same time outlaw abortion facilitators. But is not exectable by force but by denounce.

His mother should have aborted him before he was born

Elon musk refuses to comment on Texas abortion debateNew law bans women from mostly getting procedure after six weeks He’s working on a time machine that will un-knock-up women. Man what an in-depth analysis we’re missing out on Most sensible statement from him for some time!

Activists are inundating Texas abortion law ‘vigilante’ website with fake tipsPrivate citizens in state can now sue abortion providers and those deemed to be helping women access terminations and win $10,000 It appears that anti- vigilante activism has taken a new turn. Necessity is the mother of invention. Instead of a condom, I carry a photo of Ted Cruz in my wallet. There have been zero inadvertent pregnancies this far.

Musk won't comment on Texas abortion law after Gov. Abbott's commentElon Musk declined to comment on Texas ' restrictive abortion law on Thursday but hinted at his opposition of the heartbeat bill hours after Gov. Abbott claimed Musk likes the states 'social policies.' awkward

Texas judge temporarily shields clinics from anti-abortion group lawsuitsDistrict judge responds to Planned Parenthood request after draconian state law took effect this week The evangelical dog finally caught the car. This will backfire spectacularly. Texaghanistan Since nobody has a choice what happens to their bodies, i think this is only fair

Afghan refugee at Texas base on why he tweeted photo of paltry mealAfghan national, 28, says from US base that homesick, reluctant fellow refugees are ‘uncertain’ and ‘confused’ send them back! Omw! That's shocking! Our cat eats more than that in one sitting. Home sweet home in Kabul waiting for him ...

‘Roe v Wade is a husk’: anguish and anger in Texas after abortion rulingClimate of fear descends on state for clinic workers, patients and others after the supreme court’s conservative majority decision on Wednesday However, the Almighty has angrier for those babies and would not be surprised if there is a judgment call? What this space/// Texaghanistan It sure is amazing how fast states of a supposedly democratic country can turn fascist, only out of power greed! The good thing about it is, that the world will remem- ber it - and make it a lot more difficult to find allies when necessary