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Sex workers left penniless and pushed into homelessness due to coronavirus

Pandemic 'adds to an existing crisis', campaigner says

3/30/2020 4:46:00 AM

Sex workers left penniless and pushed into homelessness due to coronavirus

Pandemic 'adds to an existing crisis', campaigner says

“The flat where the woman, whose working name is Susan, sells sex closed down last weekend so she has had a whole week without no money since then,” said Ms Adams, whose campaign group supports the decriminalisation of prostitution. “And it was quiet for four weeks before that. She earned half of how much she usually would. What she earns covers food for her mum, who is in her seventies and on a tiny state pension, and the rest of her family.”

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Ms Adams argued the lockdown measures introduced by the government made sex work more dangerous due to women being less likely to come forward to report sexual violence to the police.Fears of being prosecuted for prostitution are compounded by anxiety about being hit by “draconian measures introduced by the new coronavirus bill” which give the authorities new powers to detain any one deemed to be infected with coronavirus, she said.

Nurse uses video chat to let daughter say farewell to mother dying of coronavirusMs Adams called for the government to provide sex workers with emergency money and introduce legislation to decriminalise sex workers as recommended by the Home Affairs Committee.

It is not illegal for individuals to buy or sell sex from each other in the UK but soliciting and sex workers banding together as a group are illegal.Lydia Caradonna, a spokesperson for Decrim Now, a grassroots sex work campaign group, said: “As an iteration of the gig economy, it was inevitable that sex workers would be hit hard by a crisis like Covid-19.

"So many of us work in illegal or informal workplaces and are not able to access the same government support as other people; without a decriminalised sex industry, none of us are able to access labour rights like sick pay. “We have seen outrage that some sex workers are continuing to work despite the virus and ask those shocked instead: why is it that sex workers can’t afford to put our health first? What more can be done to stop us making the decision between risk and starvation? We really need unconditional and substantial support packages like a universal basic income to prevent further harm to sex workers.”

The most wide-ranging study ever into British sex work, published by the Home Office last Autumn, found austerity was pushing women into prostitution and the criminalisation of the industry is putting them in danger.Female sex workers directly linked experiences of physical and sexual violence to laws which criminalise the practice in the UK.

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Do not care. That is dirty. Don't sympathise with them. Improvise, adapt, overcome. Or don’t. Their main concern is one metre distancing. Never been tempted but it is one of the oldest professions with some of the richest people making regular contributions Really, plenty of full time manual jobs available working in the food industry.

Just file your tax returns.....Oh wait. Shame forever on the Independent for being the mouthpiece of the male run sex industry lobby and supporting the exploitation and abuse of the most vulnerable women in our society There are plenty of jobs available picking fruit and veg The sex trade is more dangerous than corona

I don't think they pay tax or no so get a job in the shops they need workers MPs have been supporting them for years...Specially rent boys Consider yourself patrolled. You deserve worse. Exploited women not sex workers.. I AM SURE THE SOCIAL MEDIA HOES ARE FEELING IT TOO, SINCE THEIR SUGAR DADDYS RAN FOR THE HILLS AND THE MIDDLE CLASS SPLENDA DADDYS ARE IN LOCKED DOWN FROM WORK, WHICH MEANS EARLY BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER, OR WEEKEND WORK MEETING CANNOT BE USED AS AN EXCUSE AS A LIE TO THEIR WIVES

'The most wide-ranging study ever into British sex work, published by the Home Office last Autumn, found austerity was pushing women into prostitution and the criminalisation of the industry is putting them in danger'. Maybe Donald Trump knows them personally ? It's time to change the industry, so ... Is there a NAICS code for sexworker? You would need it for your taxes. Right? Self-employed...

That sucks (boom boom) Since they are asking tax payers to help I presume they have declared all the income they made to the taxman ? IMPORTANT WATCH AND PASS ON ASAP Every industry (even the worlds oldest) is feeling the covid effect What a dumb profession to still have!! surprised feminists are not calling for this to be banned.

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