Sex and coronavirus: What you need to know

Coronavirus and sex: What you need to know

3/30/2020 3:21:00 AM

Coronavirus and sex: What you need to know

All your questions about sex in the time of coronavirus, answered.

Getty ImagesIf I have sex can I catch coronavirus? You might have thought about it but been too embarrassed to ask.To separate the facts from myths, we've put your questions to health experts.Dr Alex George is an A&E doctor and former Love Island contestant. Alix Fox is a sex journalist, former presenter of BBC Radio 1's Unexpected Fluids show, and co-host of The Modern Mann podcast.

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Image copyrightPaul Cochrane/Jessie WhealeyImage captionAlix Fox and Dr Alex George answered some of the questions around sex and coronavirus that are being searched for onlineIs it safe to have sex during the coronavirus outbreak?Dr Alex George: If you're in a relationship… living with that person, and sharing the same environment, it shouldn't change your situation. However if one of you is displaying symptoms of coronavirus then you should maintain your social-distancing and isolate, even within your home. In an ideal world everyone would stay two metres apart - even in their own house, but we realise this may not be realistic.

Alix Fox: It's also really important not to assume that if you are experiencing mild symptoms of coronavirus it will be the same for your partner. So, if you're showing any symptoms whatsoever do try and stay away from your lover.What about sex with new people?

Dr Alex: I certainly wouldn't advise having new sexual partners at the moment, because the risk is you could pass on the virus.Alix Fox: Don't forget as well, some people who are carriers of the virus won't have any symptoms. So even if you feel absolutely fine… you could still pass on the infection to someone and they could pass it on to other people via close contact and kissing.

I kissed someone I recently met, and they've gone on to develop symptoms. What should I do?Dr Alex: If you've kissed or been in contact with someone who you think has gone on to develop coronavirus, make sure you self-isolate.Keep an eye on your symptoms. If you are developing symptoms, then be extra careful. Go online to the

website. Only call the 111 service if your symptoms are so bad that you need medical support from us.Alix Fox: We should be responsible with each other, and for ourselves in our relationships. If you're somebody who has developed symptoms, and you know that you've kissed people recently, you should let them know. And even if you've kissed someone and they've got symptoms and you haven't, you should also self-isolate.

I wasn't using condoms with my partner before coronavirus, should I start now?Alix Fox: The answer depends on why you weren't using condoms.If you weren't using condoms because you have both been tested for STIs, or you're in a heterosexual relationship prior to menopause and are using another kind of contraception to prevent an unplanned pregnancy, then that's fine. But if you weren't using condoms because you were relying on something like the pull-out method - or you were taking chances with STIs - then it's even more important that you use condoms now.

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So I can have sex with my wife? Any chance someone can call her, it's been months! That's when a Turkey baster should come in handy BBC why do u grill health officials as though they are guilty of doing nothing.Remember we are all in this together. Wait for 15 days!! Or Go to hospital for 15 days Keep your distance guys

It's perfectly safe as long as you remain 2 metres apart Covid-19 baby boomers. Those kids won't like that label growing up. It's fine. I make sure I wash my hands for 20 seconds after having sex with strangers. Never with a neighbour So if we can't come within 2 metres of someone, then we can still have sex if we don't come, right?

Wanna design your own professional website? Need best designer and developer? So hurry up here - If you have to ask this question you’re part of the reason why there are so many stupid people in this world and you’re thinking about creating more?! bbcnews this is also how you use the licence fee? “If I have sex can I catch coronavirus?” Considering we’ve been told to keep 2mtrs apart i would of thought it was pretty obvious.

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Baby boom, just saying... No point reading this, I’m married There's going to be a baby boom for sure. If you need to be told that whether you can catch coronavirus from having sex with someone who is infected you shouldn’t be reproducing. Just remember the two meter minimum while having at it. You can’t stand within 6ft if someone at the supermarket. But yeah, I’m sure you’ll be fine if you have sex with them.

Ajdesasha linking you to this because I care 💙 I don’t know why I’m reading this, my other half is not even here Educational That we’re likely 2 have a baby boom in 9 months & my neighbours will be heading 2 IKEA for new furniture? 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 Do not kiss your girl friend in the supermarket, it is not safe if you are out shopping with your wife. It can be fatal

Sex from 6' away,,,,,hmmm..... Time for a rubber fetish? The cartoon looks like some weird fetish. Perhaps that was the idea. DougJBalloon It's transmitted via mucus membrane so sex with someone infected will transmit it. But if they have been quarantined in with you are either both infected or neither anyway. So have at it! Just don't go out picking up a bit of strange at the moment.

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