Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić criticises Australia on Novak Djokovic visa ruling – video

Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić criticises Australia on Novak Djokovic visa ruling – video

Serbia, Novak Djokovic

1/17/2022 5:37:00 AM

Serbia n president Aleksandar Vučić criticises Australia on Novak Djokovic visa ruling – video

Serbia n president Aleksandar Vučić criticises the Australian federal court's decision to dismiss Novak Djokovic 's visa appeal as 'political'.

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Smart move by Oz cancelling his visa on the grounds of him being a notorious antivaxxer, and not for lying on his health declaration or his phoney covid test. Means that next year, if covid is not a thing, they can let him back in (and not a 3 yr ban). What are the Serbians complaining about? A man who breaks the law and telling lies is Zero, not a hero. He's a bad role model for other sportlers and young people. Definitely no hero at all.

Australia is not interested in his opinion Call me crazy. I don’t follow tennis and had no idea who this guy was. Now he’s everywhere, whining. Now Serbian govt backs him, further dividing East and West. Is this another social division planned op? But seriously who cares. Didn't he admit the dude was technically guilty of breaking laws in Serbia re covid measures? And yet he will criticize a country for choosing not to break the rules they love by so that a dishonest man can make a chunk of money. serbia values Djokovic

Who cares 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Oh please 🙄 Enough with this. Yes, djokovic is a national hero in Serbia.. and so what? He can just break the rules in Australia because of it? Nope.

'GOOD': Piers Morgan taunts 'liar' Djokovic after visa is cancelledDjokovic made a last-ditch attempt to overturn the decision in court, but he failed to convince three senior judges to let him stay, meaning he will likely be put on the first plane back to Dubai.

Serbian president slams Australia over Novak DjokovicThe unvaccinated tennis star will likely fly home in the next few hours, prompting his nation's leader Aleksandar Vucic to accuse Scott Morrison of playing politics ahead of an upcoming election. Get the jab and get over it.. All he needed to do was get the vaccine. Now it turns into an international incident between Serbia and Australia. Ridiculous-he should have just got himself vaccinated and all of this unnecessary garbage could have been avoided...

Novak Djokovic awaits Australia visa ruling after lawyers debate his vaccination viewsFederal court expected to rule on Serbia n tennis player’s appeal against his visa cancellation later on Sunday Now he wears a mask 🙄 Both Mill and Kant would have chastised Djokovic Talk about beating a dead horse. Just send Precious home and let's move on.

Djokovic to be booted out of Australia after failing to overturn visa cancellation Novak Djokovic has failed in his bid to stay in Australia and compete after judges threw out his appeal against his visa's cancellation. Great news! 👍🏾

Novak Djokovic to be deported from Australia after court uphold visa cancellationDjokovic now faces a three-year ban from Australia after his fate was confirmed 24 hours before he was due to begin his Australian Open title defence before his deportation vaccinate him😃 Every day there is a new GeorgeFloyd in Palestine All colonized counties are disgusting or just Australia?

Novak Djokovic to be deported from Australia after court upholds visa cancellation\n\t\t\tKeep abreast of significant corporate, financial and political developments around the world.\n\t\t\tStay informed and spot emerging risks and opportunities with independent global reporting, expert\n\t\t\tcommentary and analysis you can trust.\n\t\t Great. Being rich doesn’t put him above the rules. Shameful

'Of course, all of us in Serbia are very much disappointed with the court's ruling,' says Vučić. 'I think Australian authorities humiliated themselves with these kinds of procedures against Novak Djokovic.' Djokovic  was trying to use a medical exemption to get around the requirements that everyone at the Australian Open - players, their support teams, spectators and others - be vaccinated against Covid-19.