Serbian president slams Australia over Novak Djokovic

Serbian president launches extraordinary attack on Australia over Novak Djokovic legal battle

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1/16/2022 8:00:00 PM

Serbian president launches extraordinary attack on Australia over Novak Djokovic legal battle

The unvaccinated tennis star will likely fly home in the next few hours, prompting his nation's leader Aleksandar Vucic to accuse Scott Morrison of playing politics ahead of an upcoming election.

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Will Serbia FINE Novak for breaching covid isolation rules? Or are celebs above the law there? Not a surprise. He is another one that doesn't believe actions have consequences. Tell your boy not to lie and be a muppet Fools Stop pandering to this privileged prince. He didn't follow rules and then he lied. Suck it up and stop catering to his every whim.

Get vaccinated!!!! That’s the answer when you travel to different country . VIP CULTURE DOES NOT WORK ALWAYS. Where is Serbia? Questions for Novak's home team: Was Positive PCR test on Dec 15 genuine; Why wasn't Novak taking any precautions on 16th, while awaiting results; Why wasn't he taking precautions on 17th, when even he admits that he knowingly went out while infected.

Serbia is a backward country, what do you expect from the president. Sour Grapes! The Australian government was right to cancel the visa for Djokovic was was economical with the truth before he arrived to play in Australia What do Serbia bring to the world ?

Novak Djokovic officially leaves Australia as Immigration chief breaks silenceBREAKING: Novak Djokovic officially leaves Australia as Immigration Minister Alex Hawke releases fresh statement This is not important. Hit the road, Jock Hit the road, Joke Hit the road, Djok DjokerNole Not really sure how Djokovic thought it was going to end has he never watched Border Patrol those guys are on the ball.

That seems very inappropriate for a SerbianPresident. How would he like it if someone showed up in his country with a very spreadable killer disease that has offed grossly many humans? I guess Djerky countries have Djerky laws and Djerky presidents.🤷🏻‍♀️ Frankly, I hope to God that Wimbledon and usopen will follow the Aussies’ appropriate example. If DjokerNole is still unvaxxed, he should be refused to play in those tournies also. The Brits and Americans don’t want Djerk’s Covid cooties either!🤬🤮

Yo DjokerNole, you are as always, grossly selfish & self-centered. You don’t wanna vax, ok, your choice. But you can’t go into crowds, locker rooms or tennis tournaments unvaxxed. Cos YOU WILL MAKE SOMEONE OLD OR ILL WITH CANCER etc, sick or sicker, or DEAD. You could kill them! Shut 🆙 May be number 1 but he will never be the best .

Russian man gets angry. Fixed the headline Ahhh….Serbia….that upstanding genocidal paragon of virtue. 🙄 As if Serbia would know anything about the rule of law. Well done Australia 🇦🇺 Serbian president should mind his own business. It’s not about nationality or race or gender. It’s a public health issue. DjokerNole knew the rules and took the risks and he lost, which he never would’ve imagined, being 1 and a superstar. He made himself, his faith and his country look bad. No one did for him AusOpen

Serbia GDP: 52.96 billion USD (2020) Australia GDP: 1.331 trillion USD (2020) perhaps Serbia should consider sanctions?

Novak Djokovic saga in Australia not good for anyone – Andy MurrayOther players have been having their say on the cancellation of Djokovic’s visa. helen211_cute It is a prime example of freedom of choice GOOD! Serves him fuking right.Despite him being tennis World No.1 I’ve never ever liked him.There’s a fine line between confidence & arrogance & he crosses that by miles. He’s never ever humble,so expectant,thinks he’s cut above rest incl. law,thinks rules don’t apply to him.👋

Australia should tell him that the immigration rules of Australia are none of his business and that Serbia's citzens including NoVax are all subject to them. NovaxDjokovid So important they don’t even mention his name looser just like Jock It's not like the third world country Serbia has got anything other than a tennis player.

Just get jabs... no more drama. Hay que respetar las leyes , si no las quieres cumplir. No vayas, All he needed to do was get the vaccine. Now it turns into an international incident between Serbia and Australia. Ridiculous-he should have just got himself vaccinated and all of this unnecessary garbage could have been avoided...

Get the jab and get over it..

Covid live: Boris Johnson broke the law, says Keir Starmer; Novak Djokovic deported from AustraliaLatest updates: UK Labour leader says PM broke lockdown rules and then lied; Serbian tennis player leaving Australia after court backs decision to revoke visa Couple of (5) months trading with rookiexbtrade are always profitable, I earn good return trading Bitcoin with Adriel and make huge profit, i withdraw my profit and convert to cash in the bank, DM him now and start earning massively. It is time to take out software chip in the mind of narender modi(P.M. of India)........... Well I misread that as Johnson broke the law, to be deported to Australia. No!

Novak Djokovic FAILS to overturn visa ruling and is set to be deportedThe 20-time Grand Slam champion had his appeal heard in the Federal Court on Sunday morning in a last ditch attempt to stay and compete for the title. A pawn used for political purposes .. believe there is an election due in the prison island I am team Australia Aussie wankers

Novak Djokovic awaits Australia visa ruling after lawyers debate his vaccination viewsFederal court expected to rule on Serbian tennis player’s appeal against his visa cancellation later on Sunday Now he wears a mask 🙄 Both Mill and Kant would have chastised Djokovic Talk about beating a dead horse. Just send Precious home and let's move on.

Djokovic to be booted out of Australia after failing to overturn visa cancellation Novak Djokovic has failed in his bid to stay in Australia and compete after judges threw out his appeal against his visa's cancellation. Great news! 👍🏾

The Serbian president has lashed out after Novak Djokovic lost his legal bid. Aleksandar Vucic accused government lawyers of lying during proceedings. He accused Australian PM for 'mistreating' star in lead-up to federal election. Djokovic flew home from Australia on Sunday night after his visa was revoked. His lawyers failed to overturn his deportation order after 11-day legal battle