Scotland v England at Euro 1996 and what life was like then

Scotland v England at Euro 1996 and what life was like then

6/18/2021 11:16:00 AM

Scotland v England at Euro 1996 and what life was like then

As the Euro 2020 game looms, what was life like last time the rivals met in a major tournament?

There were also tragic events which overshadowed the year.The mass shooting of 16 children and their teacher in Dunblane remains the worst firearms atrocity in the UK.It led toto tighten the UK's gun laws.Crimes involving firearms have fallen by two-thirds in Scotland since Dunblane, government figures suggest.

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It was also the year an IRA bomb left outside Manchester's Arndale shopping centre injured hundreds of people.The bomb was the biggest detonated in the UK since World War Two.No one has ever been charged, but Manchester police recently said a review of evidence produced

into the attack.What happened on the pitch?Scotland came into the match off the back of an impressive goalless draw with the Netherlands, while England had played out a disappointing 1-1 with Switzerland in their first game.It took until the 53rd minute for England's Alan Shearer to break the deadlock with a header.

But it was a two-minute window toward the end of the match which finished it off.When Scotland were sunk by Gascoigne's geniusScotland won a penalty on 77 minutes, and up stepped striker Gary McAllister.Somehow, the ball moved as he took his run up - and although he still struck it cleanly, the spot kick was saved.

England fans have goalkeeper David Seaman to thank - or should they be thanking spoon-bending self-professed psychic Uri Geller instead?He claims he was hovering above Wembley in a helicopter, and it was his mind trick which caused the ball to move.Not even Uri can take credit for the moment of magic which followed, though.

Figure captionWarning: Third party content may contain advertsWithin 90 seconds of the penalty, Paul Gascoigne scored one of the most famous England goals ever.The bleach-blond magician flicked the ball over Scotland's Colin Hendry, caught it on the volley and buried it in the bottom corner.

And his "dentist's chair" celebration is just as famous as the goal.image copyrightimage captionThe infamous dentist's chair celebrationUp until that point in the match, Scotland looked like they had a way back into the match - but at 2-0 it was game over.

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Both teams would go on to win their next games, but it was heartbreak for Scotland as they went out on goal difference.England would make it to the semi-final before going out to Germany - on penalties, of captionEuro 96: The story of England, Hong Kong and the 'dentist's chair'

It was Gareth Southgate who missed the crucial kick.A quarter of a century later, and the old rivals will square up again.Who knows what will happen on Friday night - but that Saturday afternoon in 1996 will live on forever in the minds of fans on both sides of the border.

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