'This is about years and years of history' - England journalists on Scotland rivalry

Euro 2020: England journalists on history of England-Scotland rivalry

6/18/2021 11:36:00 AM

Euro 2020: England journalists on history of England-Scotland rivalry

England journalists discuss the age-old footballing rivalry between England and Scotland, while Kelly Somers catches up with Jordan Pickford before the big Group D game on Friday.

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On the night of June 17, Buddhist monks recited Metta Sutta and Morat Sutras to demand an immediate end of military dictatorship. OurGovernmentNUG WhatsHappeningInMyanmar June17Coup Please, please, can someone reassure me that Scotland won't be wearing pink again!? I still can't forgive the Scots for 'We're on the march with Ally's army!'

Which has been going on for decades. EURO2020 ENGSCO

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Gazza on England winning Euro 2020 & his goal that crushed Scotland in ’96PAUL Gascoigne relived the glory goal which crushed Scotland in Euro 96 — and fired up England for tonight’s Euro 2020 showdown by roaring: “We can go all the way this time.” The Geordie, 54, smash…

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Brits set to drink 30million pints as England face Scotland at Euro 2020LOCKDOWN-weary Brits will enjoy the biggest party for 18 months as they watch the big match on TV at home or in pubs across the country. Two million fans are expected to flock to 45,000 boozers nor… That's half a pint each, very disappointing effort, I'm on my fifth already.

Euro 2020: Scotland supporters head south ahead of England gameThe sides will play against each other at Wembley Arena in London on Friday night. Let’s all hope that the English and Scottish neanderthal supporters can possibly behave like the Danish and Finland fans . It’s a long shot , but fingers crossed! Trafalgar Square 96 and 99 was lively. Can’t see it going off like it did back then but bound to be a bit of bother, especially with it being an evening KO... Sturgeon prematurely opened hospitality in Scotland causing the atrocious upstick in cases. These fans should be stopped at the border to help halt the spread to the rest of the UK. SNP cynical electioneering gimmick has spoiled the fun for everyone

Jack Grealish is perfect for Scotland game with England seeking Gascoigne moment | Karen CarneyJack Grealish could be a perfect choice for England against Scotland at Wembley, where hosts can expect to dominate possession against spirited opponents