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Runners should wear masks while jogging past other people, expert says

Runners should wear masks while jogging past other people, Oxford University expert claims

3/2/2021 6:30:00 PM

Runners should wear masks while jogging past other people, Oxford University expert claims

The University of Oxford's professor Trish Greenhalgh was accused of 'whipping up hysteria and anxieties' about Covid after suggesting joggers should wear masks while exercising outdoors.

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Totally agree. I don't wear a mask and if you got a problem with that, guess what? That's your problem, not mine. Oh shut up Wearing a mask should be a personal choice. We should also all eat 5 fruit and veg a day, not smoke, not drink, exercise everyday for 30 mins, don't eat red meat, take your vitamins, 2 litres of water a day etc. However, for me life is for living not hiding yourself away even if the risk of death increases.

Why is DM promoting this inane arguement. Go for a jog with a mask? Are these people fucking crazy? Bad advice - even the WHO disagrees with that. So the 'EXPERTS' must have a microscope photograph of the deadly COVID-19(84) virus then 🙄 Is she on Jill Bates payroll? I would laugh if I saw someone doing that. I thought they said no risk outdoors? How could she possibly be an expert in this? It's a joke.

injusticeseeker sirry irriot! Try jogging with a wet sticky mask on your face, yuk! Totally disagree. Stupid woman. Is she not aware that we have an immune system to cope with airborne bugs. Whatever happened to 2m social distancing or 1m+ indoors and no masks outside? Yet another 'academic' trying to board the armageddon gravy train. Surely all seats have been taken by now.

Totally - as should cyclists and others emitting sweat and moisture particulates If wearing masks made any difference, why didn't they make any difference? Let's see how far she can run with a muzzle on Errr , that will be a no from me Why are people so sheeplike it's about time people woke up and took their masks off, for their own and everyone else's health.

What absolute crap it’s time to get rid of masks not add more Anyone who is able to run does not have Covid One of the world's foremost Gates owned universities recommending absolute 24 carat Olympic standard stupidity. joggers And these people are so called experts? 😳😳 This is a form of medical hygiene. She clearly has a form of ocd. Nuts!

I must admit that last bit of common sense is fading fast. No logic at all. No Seriously, jog on! Ridiculous & harmful 🖕 I have passed 100s of joggers in the last 12 months and not caught Covid! Must we wear mask when sleep next to someone? 'Expert'? In what, idiocy. Oh gawd. Some people are actually going to listen to this aren’t they.

She looks like a dried up old fruit. Ignore these psychopaths That rates as the stupidist thing I have ever heard ! Even more stupid than banning Rhodes. Time to erase Rhodes by raising that university to the ground and idiot professors with it. It’s nearly summer now. Are we going to claim the vaccine has wiped out a seasonal disease? Stay inside if you’re so vulnerable ffs. COVID is not SARS and is not deadly.

Stupid woman Are there any genuine experts at Oxford? They have got people just where they want you. Tell people anything at the moment and they follow like sheep. Rest of the world is starting to come out of restrictions and we are on about more Ridiculous! “Expert”... MarkReady47 Healthy people don't run. Healthy people don't have a virus. Science

What, this woman? 😂😂😂😂🙈🙈😩😩 😂😂😂😂😂 Feeble. Are we all not getting a bit paranoid about Covid, given that the vaccine is coming rapidly over the horizon now? She'll be vomiting into her Tena-lined mask when she sees the news coming out the States 😂 those joggers who doesn't keep social distancing

If people are really scared of fit, healthy, runners, running past them, then stay home, stay safe, protect the failing NHS, stay paranoid! For the rest of us who's body has a 99.9% virus survival rate, cool runnings! Get fucked!!! Makes sense. I don’t know why anyone would be against this. Avoid people if you have a problem with wearing a mask.

In all this hysteria, what about eyes? Viruses can get into the body through eyes. This further shows how ridiculous these 'advisories' are. 'expert' Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo. Which Gates funded expert is this now ? Nah. I’m passing on that unless I have prolonged contact with other joggers. I can maintain distance between other runners while jogging out of doors.

I'll trip them up as they go by, beware How much did they pay the university to say this kind of bullshit? People have something called 'common sense' do you think we are this stupid? Please remove the university part and put something like globally funded in front of it Ah! Trish the communist. Looks like Timmy Mallet praising Trevor Horn.

There goes Oxford's credibility, if it had any to begin with. I hope there wasn’t a lot of money spent on researching this Bullshit! 🤡🌎🤡🌍🤡🌏🤡 This came up next in my feed.... LOL Tell this 'Oxford University expert' that there's enough cowboys on the bandwagon already. Go talk crazy someplace else. We're all stocked up here.

They should keep their distance though. They seem to love getting close to people, deviants. This will be a slippery slope to mandatory masks everywhere outdoors. She’s no expert she’s a mentalist Ridiculous! People with Covid symptoms are ill and won't be jogging. Asymptomatic transmission is a lie. Therefore joggers don't have Covid.

LOL 'Experts' The only thing which sounds less convincing than 'Experts say...' is 'Oxford University experts say...' Or...fat Dorito munching Covid bed wetters should move out of the fkn way. Foxtrot Oscar How about putting Vaseline up our nostrils that would trap particles we can blow out later! Oh. But then I read: 'Host Piers went on to share his distain for runners...' And I thought: Just not worth the time!'

Cyclists who pass people on narrow footpaths? Not all our local cycleways full width,one path adjacent to a railway line designated as a path for walkers and cyclists,is only 3-4feet wide in places, walkers have to stop and stand close to the fence for cyclists to pass. Don’t be bloody ridiculous! 🤣🤪

Buddha shows, You're All Dunces ~ Pranayama: Sanskrit, “prana” means life force nrg and “yama” means control. It took me years to learn how to breathe correctly! YOGA BREATH OF LIFE KissUnmasked Any Yogi in a mask, has soul-ed out. DeepakChopra oxford - YoureAllDunces If we were supposed to rebreath our own toxic waste , I'm sure mother nature would have had long enough by now for us to grow a flap.

So who died in the later part of 2019 marathons? Some occurred in November! Woman is a dangerous, pseudo-scientific narcissistic bed wetter. She told people to put pantie liners in masks for extra protection. Why give her air time? FFS just bury us all alive Better still, all the expert bedwetters should just stay at home.

Jog off Fruit Loop, pure and simple. 🤪🤪🤪 🤡 How do we report misinformation? This psycho has her 15 mins of fame, but at what cost! Fucking expert... bore off mate! Pretty much every single study, shows transmission outside is minimal! Can’t wait to see sports players running around in masks 😂😂 what a numpty

Yes, because she is some tyrannical lesbian sociopath. My Arse!!!! In other words, Oxford Uni crank masquerading as an expert in something jumps at an attempt for fifteen minutes of fame. She's not an 'expert', she's just a GP. An attention seeker with no more qualification in this matter than any other man or woman on the street.

🤣🤣🤣 No. Fuck off! Who knows, maybe people will realise common sense is useful! mad. What about people on bikes. They go past even faster. Should I be concerned ? Walkers should wear masks when walking past joggers.. Wait.. That would be stupid and discriminatory.. 💡 We are pretty screwed if we are pi*sing ourselves with worry over the healthy people.. get a grip..

Honestly - the 15 minutes for this insanity is over. It’s a ghoulish sideshow at this point. This is the woman who said she wears a (“clean” 🤩) panty liner under her mask. This is mental illness, simple, and we really shouldn’t humour it anymore. Given that people have died whilst wearing a mask whilst jogging outside in the open air wherever transmission from COVID is negligible, this advice is dangerous and highly irresponsible

Nah. The rise of pseudo science ... perhaps they should stuff the mask with scented herbs to purify the air All the bedwetters on this thread, unbelievable how the fearmongering propoganda has infected them. Can they all just stay indoors and leave the rest of us normal people to get on with normal life, rather then trying to impose these ridiculous suggestions on us all.

Just because they work at a uni....doesn't make them an expert.... This 'expert' blocks anyone with a different opinion to hers. She even blocks people who follow people with a different view. For 'oxford university expert' read 'arrogant dictator'. No they should not! Greenhalgh is a maniac who thinks masks have magical powers whereas in reality there is very little good evidence of them having a beneficial impact indoors, let alone out.

Rubbish I may be wrong but given there appears to be an Adam’s Apple evident on her photo I suspect ‘Theresa’ nay once have been ‘Terence’ They’ve also blocked me after I queried their comments on masks previously. Oh do shut up! Enough already!!! Who the FK is still buying this nonsense!! Yet another convenient expert to peddle the myth.

Sleep with one on too, just in case..... never heard anything so stupid, thought Oxford University was better than that Jog on Definitely not an expert in sports medicine. Bloody totally screwed up educators. 'expert' Yes, agree with that ... Also never cross the road, don't drive a car, never fly, don't go on a boat, infact never leave your house.

She was also claimed to be whipping up hysteria, just like the is with that headline. This ‘expert’ sticks a sanitary towel down the front of her mask. Dead Ringer for Joe 90.. Jog on Greenhalgh. Shove yer masks where sun don’t shine. Oh seriously give over. If you’re that scared stay indoors ffs Get lost 😡

I don't jog, but not worn one indoors all this time, never going wear one no matter whether indoors or out. Scamdemic It’s good to see the corrupt academics at these universities, it’s helped my son pick which ones to avoid! No matter how bad it gets No matter what the rules No matter what the pressure No matter how people stare I am not going to wear a bloody mask when I go outdoors running! The 'experts' can take a running jump 😜

AND CYCLISTS....... They must be cleaver it's only taken them a year to come up with this load of bollocks. This should do it. Lol no But they are banned on building sites as they don’t stop inhalation of fine dust, but yea they will work on a big bad deadly virus eh? Says expert who doesn’t look like it even jogs.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 Jog on trish, not gonna happen FRO No expert in exercise. I don't jog, but I've had enough of this lunacy from these so called f'cking experts. They have an agenda to completely f'ck this country. Enough! Why exactly .... we don’t even cover our eyes and only the stupid would think just a mask would be fine....

MickeyD44314901 Loony This person is an utter lunatic. No evidence of asymptomatic spread let alone 40%! Where’s that from? That’s hilarious! The wet wipes in these comments. An ear loop face covering does nothing, absolutely nothing but adds to the hysterical psychosis that is running rampant thru their pathetic feeble minds

Short haired feminist. Are you a parody account? In what world do you think the risk outweighs the measure? Have you considered the risks of wearing the mask when running? Of course not. Another obtuse 'expert'... jog on! Totally agreed Mother fu**ers it IS impossible to run with a muzzle We’ll be told to wear a mash whilst shagging next... by the time I put it on it’ll be time to take it off.

It does make sense. We really don't need a University expert to tell us this fact. Don’t forget to put the mask on at bedtime Seems the experts can't all agree! Mental 🤦🏼‍♂️ Hasn't it been decided that transmission outside is not an issue I don’t think “expert” is the right word. Expert in what? Stupidity.

I’m sick of joggers running right past me I don’t even have enough time to get out the way one guy was coughing and spitting lovely. No they shouldn't Says someone whos never ran in her life.... Yes!! This is her !! Enough said ! 🤦‍♀️ Have you ever tried running with the 😷? What if it’s windy outside? 🥴 People are lame.

Oxford lunatic more like it Trish Greenhalgh is deranged. She recently demanded masks for cyclists The hysteria just goes on & on Complete crap Ban E cigs first sick to death of walking through their stinky vape the Uni of Oxford needs to be shut down, it's full of crazy scientists.🤡🙄 Just goes to show the low standard of expert these days..

Wouldn't you have to have covid in the first place its the assumption everybody has covid until proved germ free 😳 Oxford University expert, specialist subject - bed wetting. Where do you find these cranks? Care to publish your verification that someone somewhere has contracted Covid in a jog-by incident? Otherwise you’re publishing conspiracy theories.

I think it's a race to the bottom on who is the most discredited Professor on the planet? Ferguson & Divi have some competition it would seem. Just say yes and don't do it. How long before they say we should wear a mask when we sleep? Clearly written by non runners. You can do one! I want to see this woman run a 10k under 50 minutes with two masks. Only after that will I take her opinion into any consideration.

Jogging should be banned entirely during a pandemic. Jog on Trish... It’s over. Their grasping at straws now muppets Just because it comes from Oxford doesn't make it a credible viewpoint. If runners have to wear masks then so should walkers. Mainly because they are the ones who are totally oblivious to people around them and to social distancing.

So restrict the efficiency of your lungs and respiratory system..for what? Covid is a respiratory illness- you couldn’t run if you have Covid. This is just insane. Expert she’s had a year of covid and only now with half the population vaccinated she now opens her gob to let us know Oh do sod off! A bit after the event now. 🙄

This is impossible to do. Simply impossible if you are doing serious cardio. I think their has been a lot of whipping up of hysteria from people who should know better Is she trying to kill them I totally agree nothing worse than someone jogging close by & heavy breathing so yes joggers should wear masks

Oh piss off..! Universities are rammed full of thick people. 🙄 NEVER!!😂😂😂 No, people can wear masks around us joggers. We're the ones that are keeping fit, so other people are a danger to us 🖕 💤💤💤💤💤💤🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 People who are scared of joggers should stay home Pretty obvious, you may think, when they close on you, chugging like Steam Trains👍😉

I'm so ill with a deadly virus, I know what I'll do. I'll go running and spread it all around. going once..going twice..Prof Greenhaigh..sold to the highest bidder..ahh bidder is a Mr Gates from Seattle.. Would you bet against a direct link to you know who funding the Hospitals or Universities they work at .

MarkReady47 Why does common sense and real life pass these experts by? They are consumed by the academic bubbles they live in. Great idea masks This will be the next 'expert claims' WHY ARE YOU HELPING THE GOVERNMENT MURDER PEOPLE They can f**k right off. WHO knows? Oxford university expert should wear a mask so it keeps their mouth shut

Would people that walk fast be exempt 😂😂😉 Does that mean all the footballers and rugby players should be wearing masks while playing? Away and fuck 🤦‍♂️😂😂 Jog on love And their hands tied behind their backs. Already happening in Germany! Trish 'Howard Hughes' Greenhalgh ... I jog backwards , so I’m exempt. 💨 🏃‍♂️

Rubbish You cucks can do it in London, but I will resist this lunacy Has she ever run? Of course they should. Bull. Always The Pretty Ones™ Two hopes. Bob and no. Considering that people breathe deeper when they run, of course, people should still wear masks, it protects others and yourself from inhaling covid. Seems like common sense!

Dead right fucking runners are killers. Always were a mask, the amount I see dordling around not in the healthiest condition seem a risk. Bad enough getting them in work, never mind when im taking the time to be healthy. Crazy woman What a load of rubbish They are the super spreaders! And wear a condom in bed alone too while your at it.

Maybe Trish was feeling left out of the stampede of Professors putting their oar in. On the bright side, I never knew we had so many eminent professors in this country. Jog on i say. Yeh to main bhi bol sakta tha. Yeh Oxford ka expert kyu chaiye I agree ..... ridiculous the way some people just creep up on you before you know it you have heavy breathing in your ear!?

Experts? You mean loons? Nope Be quiet you orrible *itch ! If no one likes it STAY AT HOME and let the rest of us exercise! Just imagine that, someone having this deadly virus and going for a jog! GROW UP! 1) Shut up. 2) Go away. Oh do shut up for goodness sake! No Jog off...! I can just about breathe without one never mind wearing one 🙄😷🤬

I had to start wearing one in 🇨🇦 winter because sidewalk snowbanks are knee/hip-high and you can't move around anyone in the way. I pull up my mask when I have to pass someone and pull it down when the way is clear. Can only wear it for about 20m until I struggle to breathe. 🖕🏻 If walkers didn't walk two or three abreast, kept their dogs under control and observed social distancing, no one needs to wear masks outside

No way! Walkers are just as able to get out of my way as I am to get out of theirs. Lol I sometimes wonder if I am in a Truman show Expert of what? Been saying that for months trishgreenhalgh psychopath Why are we listening to this made up shit when there are entire countries not locked down and not wearing masks to look at for parallels?

How much longer do we have to listen to these prats. I can see why she would suggest that Nope we runners run to stay fit maybe what about people who only walk wear a mask as they stay in the same place longer technically? A good way to get a heart attack? Sod that Where do they find these people? Why not just hold their breath instead

Bombay university expert claim, that shut up and daft expert Or walkers should wear masks when walking past runners🤷🏼‍♂️ That’s it. I’m done running. I run every morning and to be honest I will not wear any mask 😷 Run, put mask on when passing someone, take mask off , run, put mask on when passing someone, run...repeat repeat repeat. Stupid rules.

No. Woman joggers should wear masks and g stings and trainers Strange woman. Why you make it hard, simply don’t allow us to breathe. “No”, says everyone else I’ll put one on if you can catch me