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Emmanuel Macron POLL: Should President apologise to UK after Oxford jab claims debunked?

Emmanuel Macron POLL: Should President apologise to UK after Oxford jab claims debunked? #CoronaVaccine

3/2/2021 6:50:00 PM

Emmanuel Macron POLL: Should President apologise to UK after Oxford jab claims debunked? CoronaVaccine

EMMANUEL MACRON has enacted an incredible U-turn to approve the AstraZeneca/Oxford University despite claiming it was ineffective for over-65s, so should the French President apologise to the UK?

was"quasi ineffective" but has been forced to change guidelines following the release of a new study from Public Health England (PHE) on Monday. According to data from PHE, one shot of the drug offers a reduction in hospitalisations by over 80 percent for those above 80 years old three to four weeks after the first shot.

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TrendingAmid Mr Macron's U-turn on the vaccine,  is asking today:"Should Macron apologise to the UK after AstraZeneca vaccine claims debunked?"The data from PHE also showed the vaccine provided 60-73 percent protection four weeks after the first jab.

Following the release of the data on Monday, the UK's deputy chief medical officer professor Jonathan Van-Tam, claimed it had"vindicated" the UK's vaccine plan.Professor Van-Tam also claimed the UK's Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation had taken the view it was not plausible for the vaccine to work for younger age groups and not older ones.

Emmanuel Macron news: Should the President apologise?(Image: GETTY)Emmanuel Macron's government has reversed the decision on the drug(Image: GETTY)Health Secretary Matt Hancock, also stated the use of a single-shot vaccine had caused hospitalisation for the over-80s to drop to single figures in the last few weeks.

The World Health Organisation has also approved of the Oxford drug's efficacy and approved of the single-shot programme.However, in January, Mr Macron said:"The real problem on AstraZeneca is that it doesn't work the way we were expecting it to.

"We're waiting for the EMA results, but today everything points to thinking it is quasi-ineffective on people older than 65, some say those 60 years or older."JUST IN: Emmanuel Macron news: The figures have proven the efficacy of the drug

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What’s the point!!! He should apologise to his people who have been mislead and refusing the Oxford jab How many has Macron killed due to his claims?