Boris Johnson, Uk Supreme Court, High Court, Asa Bennett

Boris Johnson, Uk Supreme Court

Remainers are confirming Leave voters' worst fears by trying to litigate Brexit to death

Remainers have been waging legal warfare on every front possible.


Remainers are confirming Leave voters' worst fears by trying to litigate Brexit to death | asabenn

Remainers have been waging legal warfare on every front possible.

After being told by the High Court of England and Wales that Boris Johnson's prorogation was lawful, they have had a breakthrough in Scotland thanks to the Court of Session ruling that the proroguing was "unlawful" due to its "improper purpose of stymying Parliament". This means the United Kingdom's Supreme Court is in for a momentous time next week deciding whether to side with the leading judges of England or Scotland on the legitimacy of Parliament being prorogued. That is not to mention the anti-no-deal case shortly to be decided upon in Belfast which could well land in the Supreme Court's in-tray. The Remain campaigners behind... Read more: The Telegraph

asabenn 'Brexit to death' is an unfortunate phrase that I hope doesn't happen AvoidYellowHammer RemainSafe asabenn We should all demand our leaders be trustworthy and uphold the rule of law. There is nothing to fear from that. asabenn If there were no cause for action, the courts would dismiss the case.

asabenn So which laws are you happy to follow then We know you bought a prime minister, maybe you should have spent more time and money on the legislature. asabenn asabenn British laws can be a pain when you're a criminal. asabenn So the telegraph agrees: prorogation was about brexit. asabenn Spare a thought for Dr Crippen, a man who was the first person to be apprehended using radio, and then litigated to death.

asabenn Brexit was stillborn. Turn the life support machine off and give it up as a failed political project. asabenn What has happened to the Telegraph it can't even get the weather forecast correct now ? Oh it is Thursday today ! Just in case you get that wrong asabenn The torygraph us confirming the UKs mainstream population with an IQ above 75 that it really is nothing more that a far right mouthpiece and no longer a newspaper of any standing

WATCH Bercow refuse to leave Commons as Remainers shout 'shame on you' at Tory benchesJOHN BERCOW sensationally protested leaving the House of Commons in the early hours of Tuesday morning ahead of the suspension of Parliament as Sarah Clarke, the Lady Usher of the Black Rod ordered the Speaker of the house to leave his seat. Worse than children and this is what's running the country.We have no chance!

asabenn Leavers: what do we want? Also Leavers: Make our own laws! Where: in British courts. Judges rule that prologation was unlawful Leavers: No, not like that! ☹🤦‍♀️ asabenn Leaving leavers truly up the creek asabenn Don't be so hard on Remainers. They're just copycating American Liberals. Best way to try to kill someone these days is to tie them up in litigation and hope they starve to death while trying to pay their lawyers' fees.

asabenn Yep, that’s to see whether Johnson and his SS have broken the law. Seems so far that they have done so. The problem for Johnson and his acolytes is that even if the SC feel that they can’t intervene, the stench of duplicitous mendacity will hang around him. asabenn If that is Leave voters 'worst fears' they are reading the wrong papers and are naively believing the distortions of the truth in the Telegraph and from the government.

asabenn Leave voters worst fear that they must abide by British law? WasANewspaperOnce asabenn The off to which you can fuck probably lies outside the extreme reaches of the cosmos. But closer to home, why is it you are so eager to defend those who seek to break UK law and close down our sovereign Parliament?

asabenn So are you saying that prorogation WAS to do with brexit? Because the government said that it wasn't. They even told the Queen that it wasn't. 🤔 asabenn The government said suspending parliament had nothing to do with brexit. So quashing that suspension won't affect brexit, right? asabenn If the leavers have followed the law they have nothing to fear

BMW plans prolonged unpaid leave for Oxford workers under no-deal BrexitCompany plans to close Mini-making plant for two weeks but shutdown could be extended to “three weeks or more” if BMW has trouble importing vital components I admit I voted for a soft brexit, changed my mind and now would happily accept direct rule from Brussels. Our parliament is like a third world country’s. I would sack the lot.

asabenn You are a horrible publication asabenn Do you support criminals now? asabenn So Prorogation was about Brexit then. asabenn On no they haven't. They are as usual trying every stupid trick in the book. Us leavers fear nothing! asabenn This has prompted the biggest ever snigger from me. asabenn Leavers are confirming Remain voters’ worst fears by trying to enforce Brexit that will devastate this country and our people because they’ve been conned into thinking it’s about something more than simply helping the super rich evade tax and profiteer from fire sale Britain.

asabenn Stop breaking the law and maybe 'remainers' and 'litigation' wouldn't be a problem would it. Fuckwits. asabenn Can we just have a govt that obeys the law. Not 2 much to ask is it? What is it about tory-promoting press that wants 2 trash the independence of R institutions like the judiciary when it doesn't work in their favour. The art of bullying is never far from the fields of Eton..😀

asabenn Because their IQ is higher simple asabenn By trying the apply to law in our “sovereign” country?

Mia Khalifa tells fans 'leave me the f*** alone if you see me at an airport'PORNHUB legend-turned sports presenter Mia Khalifa has told her fans to “leave me the f*** alone” in a tongue-in-cheek message on social media. The 26-year-old took to Instagram after s… ....before 9am. Things are not always what the headline reads!! 😀😁😂😃😂😁 Yeah cos she doesn’t finish her cleaning shift till after 9 and she’s not allowed talk on the job....

asabenn Brexiteers are trying to ‘no deal’ vulnerable people to death. asabenn 17.4 million asabenn asabenn There is an easy way to avoid that: Don't break the law. asabenn The law is being properly followed. Ye bunch of racists. asabenn By making the government obey the law? Shocking! asabenn Why do you think that might be? Do you think if people supported the idea they would be so keen to attack the Govnt in court? Strange, I don’t remember constant litigation to force the Govnt to leave the EU - can you name some cases maybe? Do you remember million + demos before?

asabenn Leave voters' worst fears are that the law has to be upheld? Well given they only won through proven *electoral law breaking* & *perverting* British democracy... asabenn So it’s not just EU law you hate, it’s UK law and in fact any law that gets in the way of your plans to escape new EU tax avoidance laws?

asabenn Brexiters shouldn't break *British laws* then. In what way are they better than 'foreign criminals who come here breaking British laws'? Which laws does the Telegraph think I should be free to break too? Theft? Drug dealing? Yiu have reached barefaced lying to the Queen level.

Theresa May angers Leave voters by handing her EU negotiator Olly Robbins a knighthoodTHERESA MAY has announced her resignation honours list and her former EU negotiator Olly Robbins has made the list - in a move that is likely to prompt fury among Leave voters. Why simply why?

asabenn What? Proving that Johnson has lied is a problem for you? asabenn We would have left in 2017 if the Tories had come to labour after losing their majority with a compromise asabenn Leavers are confirming Remain voters' worst fears by trying to force through Brexit at any cost to the UK and it’s citizens, including their actual deaths.

asabenn We don’t want to take back control to have the rule of law. We want rich elites like Johnson and his Eton chums to be allowed to do whatever they (or their rich paymasters) want to do. Laws who needs them asabenn Why should anyone have a problem with that? Unless someone broke the law, of course...🤔

asabenn Where is their money to do this coming from? asabenn You silly 'news'paper. People will remember your part in all of this. asabenn Following UK laws this was not what this was about!!! asabenn Yup, looks that way. asabenn It's the fucking law. What's the matter with you bozos? Bloody Telegraph - you're supposed to be hang 'em & flog 'em - but you're coming down on the side of the lawbreakers ! Wow

Kevin Hart 'about to leave hospital' after horror supercar crashKEVIN Hart is about to leave hospital nine days after his horror crash for physiotherapy at an inpatient facility, it was reported last night. The stricken US comic is “super eager” to…

asabenn asabenn asabenn asabenn BORIS JOHNSON LIED TO THE QUEEN BUT YES IT'S ALL OUR FAULT asabenn That is why we need Nigel, he and the Brexit Party are the only ones doing what they need to do to get us out. You should listen to the EU debates and how our brave MEPs are fighting the British corner. Only the ERG is fighting for Brexit in the HoC. Shame on all the others.

asabenn I thought people wanted Brexit so we can 'make our own laws' and to have 'parliamentary sovereignty'. Well. Take your medicine Brexiteers asabenn Dreadful that. Expecting the government to act lawfully. 🙄🤔 asabenn will they ever get that 17.4m-16m = a win! Therefor they lost. However much u don't like it (I hate the fact that Scotland voted for the SNP) in the UK u simply have to accept it. The English Supreme court will side with the Government because constitutionally they have the right

asabenn Good to know they have funds at their disposal to fight the British public asabenn It’s truly appalling that government should be subject to British laws, isn’t it? You’re flying very close to The Sun here.

Corbyn: Labour would offer 'credible Leave option'Corbyn: Voters must have 'credible option to Leave and the option to Remain' in new Brexit referendum maybe if we make referendums & manifestos legally binding for britain first then were start delivering positive change & start rebuilding trust of UKParliament ? Sadly, your option of being tied into the EU after 3.5yrs waiting to be out is 100% unacceptable to UK voters. Remember, before the last referendum polls showed Remain - 56% Leave 44%... Right now it shows a reversal of the last one 52% remain 48% leave. MarginOfError I support boris 100%

asabenn Weren’t you lot campaigning for us to take back control of our own laws or did I dream that? lesles68 asabenn How much longer have we got to put up with these idiots betraying democray because they dont like the result. BrexitNow asabenn Oh dear Torygraph,piss off Thank you. melidayoung2 asabenn Next thing we’ll hear is remainers sabotaging the Queens Speech at the State opening of Parliament. They are the most bitter and twisted sad losers you could ever come across & the reason why Britain is negatively being spoken about. Not one positive thing about remain!

asabenn I.C.C.- M¥ IS RAPING MY ASSHOLE, PAINFULLY & ☆CONVULSING THE FLOORS, TO VIOLATE MY CHOICES AGAIN. GRAVITY IS STOPPING, STARTING, TURNING, GOING UP & DOWN! ☆ARREST EVA, NOW! asabenn I thought this was all about exercising UK law? asabenn Have you got your “enemies of the people” front page mocked up yet? Or is that too 2017?

asabenn tj1riley asabenn Smuggest Remoaner in Britain award? One of those faces I cannot bare to see asabenn Yes well that was always going to be one of their tactics. MSM and other propaganda failed. And they aren’t risking a GE

asabenn Oh Happy Days!!! asabenn Good! asabenn Love the way the Torygraph 'conveniently forgets' the multiple law-breaking by those who conned the 'leave-voters'. asabenn Brexit is rubbish and should be stopped. asabenn Yeah its definitely the remainers fault and definitely not that Brexit is a shit idea

asabenn Break the law! Lie to the Queen! BREXIT!!!!!!!! asabenn Does brexit require breaking the law? asabenn Great news!!! 👍👍 asabenn Why don't you apologise to leave voters for your lies and agitation rather than shit-stirring? asabenn How dare we! How dare we bring the government to task over their repeated law breaking and lying! Hopefully your pointless little toilet paper of rag is next on the list.

asabenn At least we don't advocate breaking the law as the tin pot dictator does. GTTO asabenn So following the rule of law then . Wankers . How do scum like you sleep at night?Just consider than you will help with someone's death if Brexit goes through. And for what? One good reason ? asabenn The Telegraph used to be a newspaper, didn’t it?

asabenn Oh, so the prorogation is about Brexit, is it? Not what Downing Street are maintaining. asabenn But it looks pathetic at this point. You live in a democracy and the vote went in favor of Brexit. Live with it. You can't just keep dragging your heels until you get a vote result you like. asabenn Stop breaking the law to try and force your unicorn-promised dream through

asabenn Surely their worst fears are the cancelling of Brexit. Tick tock...... asabenn Not true asabenn Have you considered appealing to the ECJ? Sorry, too soon? asabenn Is it a bit much to expect that the executive follow the law of the land and our Constitution? They're not above the law just because you wish their end result was accomplished. They must get there by lawful constitutional means.

asabenn Litigation is only successful when you’ve done something unlawful. Best not to do anything unlawful then. asabenn It's all here..... asabenn asabenn asabenn So, it’s just laws in general you hate, not just EU laws, but now UK laws, so really Brexit is about the rich elite wanting to make money, whatever laws are broken 👍

asabenn Worst fears...? asabenn Funny way of saying leavers broke the law, including the PRIME MINISTER HIMSELF asabenn The Telegraph is going all fascist. asabenn The laws of the land - bloody red tape eh? asabenn If Boris breaks the law and gets found out, then that's simply breaking the law and getting found out. Everything about Brexit was unlawful. From Cameron's reason to take it to the people, to Bank's involvement, vote leave's overspend, and foreign interference. And the LYING!

asabenn daily brexSHit peddling out the Neolib's guano to agitate it's hard-of-thinking, old 'reader' base again... BrexSHit does need to die, but this is about killing NoDealNoBrain, which a decent percentage of the thicker/jobs-not-required (much overlap) have been conned into backing asabenn Regardless of being a Leaver or a Remainer we all want parliamentary changes to be scrutinised by our own clear democratic process. Why should our own PM feel he has the right to subvert this and act with impunity? Priti Patel advocates those who break the law should be punished

asabenn Brexiteer are conforming Remain voters' worst fears by trying to turn everything to shit for no good reason. asabenn Looks like we had UK laws and governence after all. Who would have thunk it!😂😂🤡 asabenn Imagine having to follow the law. What an affront to every wannabe dictator and their cheerleaders.

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