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Qatar, Climate Breakdown

Qatar so unbearably hot it has started air-conditioning the outdoors

Qatar so unbearably hot it has started air-conditioning the outdoors


Qatar so unbearably hot it has started air-conditioning the outdoors

Giant coolers in public areas accelerating climate crisis further by using electricity from fossil fuels

A German television report alleged hundreds of deaths among foreign workers in Qatar in recent years, prompting new limits on outdoor work.

At the new Al Janoub open-air stadium, grates built underneath the 40,000 seats expel cool air. Since cool air sinks, waves of it roll down to the pitch. More vents also feed cold air onto it directly.

, it moved the women’s marathon to midnight and water stations handed out sponges dipped in ice-cold water.

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ArifRahman29 Breaking News The desert is hot!!! Canned Heat Kill us all faster 👏 No XR protests there then Wait, is this satire? This is pretty much the plot to Little Inferno, but in reverse. FIFA is so corrupt... you have so many arab countries with great weather....if you want an arabic country I mean

I’m looking forward to the World Cup of Heat Stroke. There goes the climate then. ‘’Country that uses wood shipped from virgin rainforest, vast quantities of animals & plastics, & exports waste to be incinerated in third world criticises country for environmental pollution’’ But, but, but....climate change! Greta is on her way Qatar. Expect her soon .

that will increase overall heat for earth too

Giant dinosaurs evolved different ways to keep coolUsing special 3D imaging techniques on dino relatives (birds and reptiles), experts in Ohio have identified multiple areas of heat exchange that would have kept giant dinosaurs' brains cool. They 'may have' farted like a Kazoo for all we know. Ground breaking stuff. I 'may' buy the daily mail in future. Shit myself then I thought it was the decapitated head of jar jar binks

Every problem has a solution Welcome to my Qatar الوعد٢٠٢٢

Eerie images show giant web 'spun by money spiders' blanketing grass verge for hundreds of yardsTHESE eerie pictures show a huge grass verge blanketed by a giant silky web which was mistaken for frost. Lorry driver Leo Anderson, 54, spotted the astonishing sight on Tuesday morning when he too…

Giant African toad disguises itself as venomous snake and HISSESA Congolese giant toad has been found to mimic the appearance and behaviour of one of Africa's largest vipers, the highly venomous Gaboon viper, to avoid being eaten.

James Moore: When the NAO predicts post-Brexit chaos, it's time to start really worryingOh the terrible irony of Eurosceptics chuntering about ‘Brussels bureaucracy’ when they’re dumping tons of it on the entrepreneurs they fetishise The Labour Party just announce they'll support a confirmatory referendum on the deal - without demanding an election. Looks like we're all going to finally have a say on this nonsense 3 years (and support for remain is huge. 60% or more) In a radical move the independent published an article which chooses to ignore what is happening and appears to have been written weeks ago. Has Moore missed the last week.

Mark Steel: Rejoice! We finally have a Brexit deal that makes us poorer and hands power to sociopathsThis is only the start, we can and must build on this now we’re free to shrink our economy by however much we choose, without having to consult the Germans first Some of us are poor Mark Steel, well known lefty & ultra remainer, must be crying into his pants, hope they are not stained.. 🤢 Hey!! That sounds like America!

Bizarre photos show man's taste buds DISAPPEARED - as docs realise it's sign of blood conditionAS a patient stuck his tongue out during a check-up, doctors were stunned by what they saw. The 64-year-old man had no taste buds whatsoever, and the surface of his tongue looked completely smooth … Women love the other type of tounge more than the smooth lol What an absolute load of tosh Vapes that

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