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Lady Kitty Spencer, Princess Diana Niece Lady Kitty Spencer

Princess Diana niece Lady Kitty speaks out after father Earl Spencer missed wedding

Lady Kitty breaks silence for first time since wedding

7/29/2021 11:12:00 PM

Lady Kitty breaks silence for first time since wedding

PRINCESS DIANA'S niece Lady Kitty Spencer has spoken out for the first time since her lavish wedding. The aristocrat was walked down the aisle by her half-brothers as her father Earl Spencer was absent from the event.

The picture was of the moon and accompanied by the caption:"Now, that's a moon."One insider claimed the Earl may have skipped his daughter's big day due to a shoulder-related injury.The source told the Mail Online:"Charles recently suffered an injury and perhaps that will be the reason for him not travelling, but it is just easier for everyone that he is not there."

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Princess Diana niece Lady Kitty and her half-brother Viscount Althorp(Image: GETTY)Earlier this year, Diana's brother mentioned the injury in an interview with MSN, citing it as the reason he had to pull out of a diving expedition related to his book The White Ship.

Charles said at the time:"It sounds like a pretty feeble excuse but it is really quite painful and unpleasant."I asked my doctor, 'Can I dive?' and he said, 'Only if you want to drown'." Read more: Daily Express »

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