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Britons unveil what makes the ‘perfect’ neighbour - ‘has to say hello’

Britons unveil what makes the ‘perfect’ neighbour - ‘has to say hello’

7/29/2021 11:20:00 PM

Britons unveil what makes the ‘perfect’ neighbour - ‘has to say hello’

NEIGHBOURS are an important part of our day-to-day life and although we can't choose who we live next to, having a good neighbour can make such a difference. But what makes the 'perfect' neighbour?

A study from Barefoot Wine identified the 30 best attributes of the ideal neighbour.Some of the best traits were 'never parking outside someone else’s home', 'inviting locals around for a glass of wine', and 'putting their bins out when they are away'.

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According to data, three quarters of Britons think they have the ideal person living next door.The study also showed that friendships have increased between neighbours since the pandemic.READ MORE: Britons unveil what makes the ‘perfect’ neighbour - ‘they have to say hello’

(Image: Unsplash/ Getty)Due to the long time people spent at home during lockdown, residents got to do different activities that brought them together such as ‘popping into the garden for a glass of wine’ or ‘street barbecues and long walks during ‘stay local’ orders’.

The profile of the ‘perfect’ neighbour is someone who ‘will always say hello’, ‘sign for deliveries’ and ‘watch over your house while you’re away’.Other traits are ‘someone who gives notice of barbecues and parties’ or ‘someone who regularly asks how we are feeling’.

A third said they like neighbours who help the elderly and vulnerable on a regular basis. Read more: Daily Express »

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