PM to 'let 5,000 EU lorry drivers in to UK' to ease nation's HGV crisis

PM to 'let 5,000 EU lorry drivers in to UK' to ease nation's HGV crisis

9/25/2021 3:00:00 PM

PM to 'let 5,000 EU lorry drivers in to UK' to ease nation's HGV crisis

LORRY drivers from Europe are to be allowed into the UK in a bid to ease the nation’s HGV crisis, it was reported. Boris Johnson is believed to be set to approve a plan for 5000 of the drivers to b…

The minister wants to lureformer driversback into the sector with the promise of higher pay, with some firms offering £1,000 golden hellos.On Friday morning, queues started to form outside some filling stations in the UK as panic buying set in.EG Group, which owns 400 service stations in Britain, imposed a £30 limit on fuel purchases last night in an attempt to stop panic buying.

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BP and Esso have both closed a number of forecourts due to the choke in thesupply chain- with BP forced to ration.Around one in six adults in Britain said they were not able to buy essential food items at some point during the past two weeks due to products not being available, new figures show.

As well as the immediate threat to fuel supplies and lack of availability of food, there have also been warnings that Christmas could be hit.Andrew Opie, director of food and sustainability at the British Retail Consortium, said: "Currently, the UK faces a shortfall of around 90,000 HGV drivers and it is consumers who ultimately suffer the consequences.

"Unless a solution can be found in the next 10 days, it is inevitable that we will see significant disruption in the run-up to Christmas."Traffic builds on the way into an Esso petrol station in NorfolkGrant Shapps states the govt is moving heaven and earth to get people into driving HGVs on very, very good salaries

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5000 EU drivers was felt not welcome by brexit Britain. Should they return to help Britain. I wouldn't. Bet they will come on a dinghy anyway to skip the visa shite then granted to stay There is panic in Britain 🇬🇧 over the lack of fuel and the growing shortage of supplies. Lorry drivers etc. HM Gov will offer visas for the sector. Oh, great news from Home Office 😅 Will EEA🇪🇺 drivers come to save the British market? Hopefully not, because there must be a lesson

People look down on truck drivers but the big money on offer now should tempt people Are there 5000 HGV drivers available? England a world laughing stock BrexitHasFailed lorrydrivershortage theSNP rejoice at Unionists on bended knees to Europe! YAHOOO ! johnredwood KwasiKwarteng IsabelOakeshott CamillaTominey vickyford Telegraph paulhutcheon Jacob_Rees_Mogg TheScotsman RuthDavidsonPC

Waste of time and effort … a) they left because they didn’t like the tax loopholes they enjoyed ending when Brexit happened. b) France, Germany and even Poland are in the same boat so they’ll go there as still in EU and c) the shortfall is 100k so 5 won’t even touch the sides 😂 hope they got there cpc or i want a refund

Is there a correlation between Brexiters and people cueing up at gas stations? That’s if they want to come. There’s a worldwide HGV driver shortage. When something is in short supply it costs more. Euro HGV drivers are probably earning more now working in their own country, see their family more regularly & don’t need to sh*t in bags in lay-bys. Would you?

Temporary visas expected to allow foreign HGV drivers to help alleviate UK petrol queuesMinisters are expected to clear the way for a visa change that would allow thousands of foreign lorry drivers to work in the UK Drivers or owner drivers.. All with this poxy Government!😏 Finally admitting that Brexit was a disaster then. We've no shortages of drivers here in the EU, no queues at petrol stations.

Plenty of EU drivers here but decided on getting different careers here.

Tesco and BP close forecourts and 'ration fuel' due to HGV driver shortageTESCO and BP have been forced to close petrol stations after running out of fuel. Deliveries have been impacted by a shortage of HGV lorry drivers in the UK. BP is reportedly preparing to restrict … You idiots really do have short memories don't you? How old is that picture? As petrol ain't 103.9 anymore! BorisJohnson pritipatel RishiSunak Get the Army to drive HGV to deliver fuel and goods

Long petrol queues continue as more foreign HGV drivers set to be allowed to work in UK to plug gapLabour Deputy Leader Angela Rayner says the government knew there was an upcoming problem with gas supply in the UK and 'failed to respond' Read more here: Ffs! Are we paying her shit loads of cash for this.. WTF I’d even entertaining it? We’ve only got to look at EU news to see the shortages/problems. It's not Angela rather you want on, it's someone from the government not doing there job. These tories get a free range and now doing another u-turn Pffft it's only the old and poor likely to die. That's been Conservative policy since the dawn of the party so don't complain about it now.

Tesco SHUTS petrol station as lorry driver shortage hits fuel supplies in UKTESCO closed a petrol station last night as petrol deliveries across the UK continue to be hit by the HGV driver shortage. Not closed here and no clowns panicking either here.

UK cabinet split over solution to lorry driver shortageMeeting on Friday expected to seek compromise over whether to recruit drivers from abroad Being out of EU has allowed us to reduce standards of the UK HGV test. Will they even be able to drive in EU if deemed to be of poor standard in comparison? Medium term more drivers can be trained in U.K. pay & conditions improved. The problem is now.

EU fears citizens will be barred from flights to UK due to rules confusionAirlines may turn away EU nationals with settled status due to complex residency rules, says Brussels This is becoming a never ending farce🙃 In reverse we hope the EU will close its boarders to the brits and no EU immigrates who voted for the deal ! Racist ! remember you all get vaccinated and wear a mask when needed and be a part of the solution and not the problem