PM seeks Britain's top eco-warriors to lead fight against climate change

Boris Johnson launches search to find Britain's top eco-warriors to lead fight against climate change

7/24/2021 10:45:00 AM

Boris Johnson launches search to find Britain's top eco-warriors to lead fight against climate change

BORIS Johnson is seeking our unsung eco-warriors to help him convince world leaders to fight climate change. The Prime Minister wants Sun readers to find 13 climate change leaders of the future to …

Join The Sun's 'Green Team' & save the planetMAKING simple everyday changes can add up to a BIG difference to the planet.And we want you and your family to join The Sun's Green Team - our eco revolution.It can feel overwhelming to know how to play a part in reducing greenhouse gasses, but we will be showing you the practical steps we can take to curb climate change - with the help of the global ‘Count Us In’ initiative.

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And our easy measures will even help you SAVE money so your household budget goes further.We'll help you to reduce food waste, insulate your home, create tasty planet-friendly meals and take simple steps to trim your carbon footprint.We want you to go online to sign-up to as many of our special Green Team pledges as you can manage and a special calculator will show you how much carbon you will personally save.

It won’t cost you a penny but the total you and your family will save will be added to the global ‘Count Us In’ total and the platform will support you every step of the way. Read more: The Sun »

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Science editor David Shukman on three jobs in growing green industries, and what it's like to do them

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Another empty stunt from the man bereft of any original ideas. Look up a tree and if they are chained to it, that's your person Can he not search for someone with balls to run the country? Swampy Ask MayorofLondon TfL willnorman they know a lot of them .. Hopefully they will be about 14 and not sanctimonious at all about how we’ve all ruined their planet! 🙄

Sky News ClimateCast: Too hot to handle - but we must get a gripCooling down our climate is no easy feat, but it's a necessary one for the billions of people who face ever more frequent and furious heatwaves due to climate change.

We CAN fight climate change…but only if China does its part, says Alok SharmaFROM the fires raging across the US to record floods devastating Germany and China, the impact of climate change is materialising before our eyes. And unless the world unites now to limit global wa… AlokSharma_RDG If they don't, the only way to convince them is by using economic sanctions! AlokSharma_RDG Like an abusive spouse, the Sun blames their failure to address climate change on everyone but themselves. You don't even hold yourselves accountable for your smear campaign against a man who ended up in the hospital along w/ his detached finger ... caused by a violent spouse.

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Climate change, a coalmine and a town that needs jobsIn Cumbria, environmental concerns come into conflict with economic hopes. race sky No such thing.

Thousands 'will die' in heatwaves as climate change makes them the 'new normal'THOUSANDS of people will die each year in heatwaves as climate change makes them the “new normal”, the PM has been warned. As Britain continues to sweat through soaring temperatures, Baroness Brown… Is he gonna make us self isolate from the sun now It’s a heatwave pandemic , lockdown every summer it’s the only way to keep people safe. “Let the bodies pile high” boris you fat mess”

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