Boris Johnson, House Of Commons, Caroline Lucas

Boris Johnson, House Of Commons

Parties call for inquiry into Boris Johnson’s ‘failure to be honest’

Parties call for inquiry into Boris Johnson’s ‘failure to be honest’

4/19/2021 9:14:00 AM

Parties call for inquiry into Boris Johnson ’s ‘failure to be honest’

Exclusive: Commons Speaker asked to allow vote on inquiry as government spokesperson says ‘PM follows the ministerial code’

Mon 19 Apr 2021 07.00 BSTSix opposition parties in the Commons are urging the Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, to allow a vote on an inquiry into Boris Johnson’s “consistent failure to be honest” in statements to MPs.They want Hoyle to let them table a motion saying that Johnson’s conduct should be referred to the committee of privileges, on the grounds that making a deliberately misleading statement to MPs amounts to a contempt of parliament under the Commons rulebook, Erskine May.

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Given the size of the Conservative majority, there is no realistic chance of MPs approving such a motion, but a debate on this subject – if the Speaker were to allow one – would be highly embarrassing to the prime minister.The letter was organised by the Green MP

Caroline Lucasand it has been signed by five other parliamentary party leaders: Ian Blackford (Scottish National party), Sir Ed Davey (Liberal Democrats), Liz Saville Roberts (Plaid Cymru), Colum Eastwood (SDLP) and Stephen Farry (Alliance).The Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, was invited to sign the letter, but declined. A party source said Labour did not normally sign up to initiatives launched by other parties.

Lucas was partly inspired to take action bya video posted on Twitterby the campaigner Peter Stefanovic about what he describes as Johnson’s “lies”. It has attracted more than 11m views.“It’s hard to recall any prime minister who has treated parliament with the contempt that this one does,” said Lucas.

“There is a normalisation of lying to the house which is deeply dangerous, especially coming from an increasingly authoritarian government which is looking at every means to avoid accountability.”In their letter, the six MPs express their “deep concern” that the PM’s repeated failure to be truthful is damaging the reputation of the Commons.

They go on: “This is not a question of occasional inaccuracies or a misleading use of figures: it is a consistent failure to be honest with the facts, or to correct wrong information at the earliest opportunity when misleading information is given. This, we believe, amounts to a contempt of the house.”

The letter cites six examples of Johnson giving misleading information to MPs: saying the economy had grown by 73% under the Conservatives, when the figure covered the period since 1990 (including Labour’s term in office); saying CO2emissions had been cut by 42% since 2010, when the real figure was by 38% since 1990; saying the nurses’ bursary had been restored, when the replacement arrangement is less generous; falsely saying the number of families living in poverty had been cut by 400,000 since 2010; falsely saying Bridgend was going to be a battery manufacturing centre; and saying Covid-related contracts had been published when they had not.

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When challenged about comments like this, No 10 will sometimes acknowledge that an error was made, but more usually brushes aside the complaint or argues that Johnson was misunderstood.Johnson himself almost never corrects the record in the chamber, and Downing Street does not say his record for honesty is problematic – despite the fact that Peter Oborne, who was political editor of the Spectator when Johnson was its editor, has recently published a book, The Assault on Truth, wholly devoted to what he describes as Johnson’s “lies”. Oborne, a political reporter for almost 30 years, says he has never encountered a senior British politician “who lies and fabricates so regularly, so shamelessly and so systematically as … Johnson”.

The opposition MPs want the committee of privileges to investigate Johnson because other avenues of complaint appear closed. Knowingly misleading parliament is against the ministerial code, but only the PM himself can order an inquiry into breaches of the code.

The code of conduct for MPs says “honesty” is one of the values they should respect, but the parliamentary commissioner for standards does not investigate complaints about MPs making false statements in the chamber.Intentionally misleading MPs could be a contempt of parliament, and contempt allegations can be investigated by the committee of privileges.

But the committee can only launch an investigation after a vote for one by MPs, and it is for the Speaker to decide whether a debate on such a motion can be held.The Speaker’s office said it would not be commenting on private correspondence with MPs.In response to the claims from the opposition MPs, a government spokesperson said: “The prime minister follows the ministerial code.”

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about time paulajanemorri4 Looks like, another 'let's get Boris' because he is doing so well. It is not a failure. It's an attribute. Except Keir_Starmer the Labour leader 🙄 Another white wash report on the way with tax payer funds that will only line their pockets with. Just call it lying FFS! LyingAndCorruption

Every politician lies especially lefties. But Starmer’s Labour claim there’s nothing to see here. Starmer = team Johnson Well overdue. Johnson lied for brexit Nothing was done Johnson lies as PM Nothing will be done ToryBritain Last thing starmer wants is the truth to become fashionable.


A reminder to ÁLL reality denialists&Îdiocy apologists in BBCPolitics & 10DowningStreet;more Brexit BS&LIES!ONLINE FOR EVER⬇️FOR HOW LONG WILL YOUR CULT KEEP DENYING REALITY?BrandonLewis!FOOLING NOBODY! BorisJohnson's Irish border BS&LIES⬇️ 🇬🇧💔🇪🇺💩🦄😷 PeterStefanovi2 PeterStefanovi2 What a farce the whole system is. Why do we fall for voting for these lying narcissistic psychopaths when we know they are only in it for themselves, no one else. TorySleaze ToryCriminals ToryCorruption ToryLiars ToryLies ToryDictatorship

Clarabo20727319 It would be quicker to seek evidence on when the lump of Eton mess was actually truthful! Better late than never. Starmer really is a waste of time. I've voted Labour in every election since I was old enough to vote. Not this time. Will Boris' people storm Parliament when his end is near?

The trouble is Boris has to OK an inquiry. Or if you put it up to a vote Tories hold the majority of seats. So he will get away with this one too.

JohnWilkinson2 Re: Commons debate on PM’s dishonesty. “The Labour Leader, Sir Keir Starmer, was invited to sign the letter, but declined. A party source said Labour did not normally sign up to initiatives launched by other parties.” Hmm. That’s not encouraging for a Progressive Alliance? Somalia's F. Pres. M_Farmaajo plans to start negotiations with alshabab to supersede his opponents!

according to inside sources in TheVillaSomalia, the project has been sponsored DOHA. Qatar also sponsored USA and Taliban as well as Afghan and Taliban Not in a country where a lie isn't even allowed to be called a lie It is the right thing to do. Leaders must be honest with great integrity and courage.

Which begs the question what Mr Starmer has to hide himself - he’s supposed to represent the opposition. 🤣🤣🤣 When is a politician ever honest! Spare us the expense! Shame on Keir_Starmer . The labour party just becomes more and more irrelevant But Keir is shortly going on 'Tik Tok' to show how to make a 'bouncy can of pop' with only a sheet of fine sandpaper!💥 Keir's the real deal.

‘Failure to be honest’? Surreal times that we live in.

Ian Blackford snp truth 😂😂😂😂😂 What, just now? Remember how he claimed we'd retain freedom of movement despite that being literally impossible without remaining in the EU? marc_limon “He had the look of one who had drunk the cup of life and found a dead beetle at the bottom.” ― P.G. Wodehouse Lies..

It’s a bit pointless, like blaming a skunk for smelling bad. Failure to be honest implies that he tries to be honest and falls short. Like 'woops, I've accidentally told everyone there'd be no border in the Irish Sea, how clumsy of me, what a ninny.' What's next? A research project into bear defecation habits? He's always been a liar and every single Tory party member who voted him in as leader knew that. And that was ok for them.

Sleaze endemic within the party, that is why these toffs go into Parliament. TorySleaze tRump pupil Failure to be that a new euphemism for serial liar then?😳😱

Lol Was That Ever In ? Failure to be honest? More accurately - constant bloody lying!!! Where in the world can we find an honest politician? Shame on Keir_Starmer for not supporting CarolineLucas over BorisJohnson continual lyeing to Parliement. I want to support you but you keep letting me down. How much taxpayers money have they stolen. Estimates are that it will cost every family in Britain over £3000 this year to pay for Tory theft of taxpayers money

But, Boris's dad is doing the inquiry.... A spokesman said there has been no wrongdoing, there is no need for an inquiry, the matter is closed, it's time to move on and there's nothing you can do about it. We can in local and national elections though, complacency kills. ToryIncompetence Not read the article but, is this request by his own party? Oh for a politician and a party that answers a question with yes or no. Not the usual bs we get.

Really? Asking a club of liars, cheats and charlatans to vote on whether they should investigate themselves for being a bunch of liars, cheats, and charlatan.