Our Favourite Nineties Fashion Moments From Little Fires Everywhere

Our Favourite Nineties Fashion Moments From Little Fires Everywhere

5/23/2020 12:45:00 PM

Our Favourite Nineties Fashion Moments From Little Fires Everywhere

From choker necklaces to sausage clips, here the best nineties fashion moments from Celeste Ng's Little Fires Everywhere. Read on more Grazia.

Little Fires Everywhereis going to a) deliver a small town mystery just as juicy asBig Little Liesand b) give us some serious nineties throwbacks. You’ve got car phones, magazines with the Spice Girls as cover stars (who else?) and enough nostalgic style moments to make you dig out old Kodak envelopes over the long weekend.

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The two women at the centre of the story, Reese Witherspoon’s Elena and Kerry Washington’s Mia, have very different style stories. Elena is almost as cookie cutter as the town in which she lives - Shaker Heights has a specific height limit for grass, and infractions will not go unpunished - with perfectly coordinated pearl earrings, waist-cinched shirt dresses, skirt suits, cardigans and polo shirts that could be modelled on Hillary Clinton. Mia, a travelling artist, prefers a more down-to-earth approach, with bootcut jeans, aviator jackets and ribbed cotton tops.

Their teenagers’ outfits, on the other hand, are straight from the nineties hall of fame. Who remembers twirling up their hair and fastening with a sausage clip? Or posing for pictures as a teenager wearing a strappy top and choker necklace? Scroll through our gallery of the best nineties fashion moments - and cringe over those you recognise all too well...

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