Lockdown Takeaways Have Gone High-End As The Country's Best Restaurants Adapt

Lockdown Takeaways Have Gone High-End As The Country's Best Restaurants Adapt

5/23/2020 12:30:00 PM

Lockdown Takeaways Have Gone High-End As The Country's Best Restaurants Adapt

Your favourite fancy restaurants and bars now deliver – which means you can have Gloria's lasagne without the queue. Read more on Grazia.

delivers from Borough Market and artisan producers based around Bristol and Bath. Online butcher Field and Flower does nationwide delivery of dishes that have been hand- prepared with natural ingredients by expert Somerset chefs and then slow-cooked in a water bath to stay tender and packed with flavour (think crispy aromatic duck).

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Get to know new cheeses with a cheese box from@homage2fromageuk.Its French box, for example, contains six cheeses and expert info. ‘We want people to be able to discover new cheeses but in a fun way so we’ve also created a game that comes with the cheese,’ says cofounder Nick Copland.

What to drink with your Camembert? How about St Pourcain Domaine de Chinière’s Rosé, 2019, an on-trend pale rosé with an ‘appealing palate of red currants and raspberries’? It’s one of a selection of online food pairing suggestions from wine merchants Yapp Brothers, whose restaurant clientele for its top-class French wines usually includes the likes of Sketch and La Gavroche. Take your pick of wines and champagnes and have them arrive on your doorstep from its base in Wiltshire.

If you want to know more about what you’re quaffing, order a wine tasting. Wine merchant Elliot Awin (elliot.wine) has created the Isolation Tastings series – he chooses three wines that are then available to buy through online retailer Pull the Cork and other independents. On the night, you taste the wines with him. ‘As well as recognisable regions and grape varieties, I also pick wines from less well-known regions, and styles,’ he says. ‘It helps to demystify and encourage experimentation.'

Others hosting virtual tastings include The Wine List, where ‘Boxes are sent out before the tasting, which discusses the basic principles of wine, how to taste, what to look out for, and then helping to develop their knowledge base,’ says founder Josh Lachkovic.

There’s no excuse for a badly mixed #quarantini as cocktails from the world’s best bartenders are a click away – just add ice. ‘The Mirror Margerita, the clear margerita from Hacha, is perfection,’ says Hannah Lodge from BarChick, who puts out a weekly newsletter on new cocktails and bars coming online.

Others she recommends include The French 75, the classic gin and champagne cocktail from Three Sheets (topcuvee.com) and Mr Lyan’s Spotless Martini (masterofmalt.com). The Drinks Drop (London and Manchester) delivers drinks from famous bars from around the world. ‘Just remember to freeze your glass for 30 minutes before you pour,’ she adds.

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