Omicron wave has caused shortages of paracetamol and ibuprofen

Omicron wave has caused shortages of paracetamol and ibuprofen

1/14/2022 8:35:00 PM

Omicron wave has caused shortages of paracetamol and ibuprofen

Toilet rolls also in short supply during Omicron wave, ONS data shows

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Wow, who puts ibuprofen in their body? Paracetamol is just acetaminophen a.k.a. tylenol! Generic aspirin is better for you anyway! I wonder, how much money is enough? Money over health, how did we get to this point?

Care services struggle with Omicron staff-sickness spikeThe National Care Forum says sickness rates due to Omicron are compounding existing staff shortages. Diseases and fear of death and lockdown and shutdown !!!! Once for all wind up CD crisis. Think CD FREE LIFE It's possible. U just think and we will make it truth with our innovative traditional natural food supplements Vishvakalyan Pune 918237890060

4 Graphs To Tell You Exactly Where We Are With Covid NowInfection rates may be dropping, but that doesn't tell the whole picture.

Omicron less likely to cause hospitalization, death, than DeltaThe Omicron variant rarely causes death, the CDC reports, and those infected by the variant are at a 91 percent decreased risk of death when compared to people infected by the Delta variant. It’s a fucking Cold! If you go to the CDC data in the article, and go to page 13, the center of the line of confidence for omicron's mortality rate is at 0.00% (green line). for the increasingly rare Delta, it's at 0.07 approximately (purple). Other outlets continue to fear monger. Not helpful. Lockdown the Galaxy

COVID-19 Pill Rollout Stymied by Shortages as Omicron RagesTwo new COVID-19 pills that were supposed to be an important weapon against the pandemic in the U.S. are in short supply The jab costs $20. The Pills cost $500. Get the jab. Save the taxpayer's money. Yeah...okay According to data by the HHS_AR, 19 U.S. states currently have free ICU hospital bed capacities diminished to 15 percent or less.

Covid passports 'to be SCRAPPED this month' as Omicron strain wave easesCOVID passports are reportedly set to be scrapped this month as the wave of mild Omicron cases begins to ease. The vaccine passes are to be abandoned this month after Health Secretary Sajid Javid &… Should never have been introduced in the first place and have made literally no difference to case rates whatsoever

Wales eases Covid restrictions as Omicron wave ‘compromising’ NHS care - follow liveCovid19 🟥 Omicron wave ‘compromising’ NHS care, leader warns as Wales eases restrictions Follow live updates ⬇️