COVID-19 Pill Rollout Stymied by Shortages as Omicron Rages

The U.S. is facing shortages in COVD-19 drugs as Omicron rages

1/14/2022 5:03:00 PM

The U.S. is facing shortages in COVD-19 drugs as Omicron rages

Two new COVID-19 pills that were supposed to be an important weapon against the pandemic in the U.S. are in short supply

Omicron is causing an explosion of casesThe pills—and other COVID-19 drugs, for that matter—are being carefully rationed, reserved for the highest-risk patients.based on studies showing they cut the risk of severe disease and death when given shortly after symptoms appear. They are the first COVID-19 treatments patients can take at home, and thus could reduce the burden on hospitals.

PaxlovidMerck’s pill,Since last month, the government has sent states enough Pfizer pills to treat 164,000 people, allocating them by population. That approach is coming under fire from some states with heavier caseloads.States are distributing the pills differently.

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According to data by the HHS_AR, 19 U.S. states currently have free ICU hospital bed capacities diminished to 15 percent or less. Yeah...okay The jab costs $20. The Pills cost $500. Get the jab. Save the taxpayer's money.

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Omicron likely to slow UK bounceback from economic Covid shockAnalysis: after a V-shaped recession, variant’s impact will put the brakes on – with a double whammy due in April I think its time uk people pulled the plug on economics Stop spending Those banks and rich ate taking ur money Jeff bezos Elon musk Bill gates Could cure homeless and poverty and hunger But instead they waste money on space travel Remember that when you buy from them Ur money goes to rocket fuel

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Several symptoms of Omicron can continue for months after a Covid infectionWhile Omicron symptoms have been thought to be more mild than previous coronavirus variants, it’s still common for many people to have lasting health complications from the virus

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