Olympics, Skybrown

Olympics, Skybrown

Olympics skateboarding schedule: When will Sky Brown perform?

#Olympics skateboarding schedule: When will #SkyBrown perform?

8/4/2021 6:14:00 AM

Olympics skateboarding schedule: When will SkyBrown perform?

Olympics 2021 skateboarding schedule: When will Sky Brown perform?

Who is Sky Brown?She is a burgeoning Generation Z sporting revolutionary, a new superstar for the digital age set to become Great Britain’s youngest ever Summer Olympian and confirm the arrival of a precocious skateboarding talent at Tokyo 2020.Sky Brown will compete in the Women’s Park skateboarding event at the Olympics having only just turned 13, and will be about a month younger than Great Britain’s previous youngest Summer Olympian Margery Hinton, who swam in the 200m breaststroke at the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam.

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With the best part of a million followers on Instagram and a devoted Youtube audience who follow her atypical and amazing teenage life on the channel she shares with younger brother (and fellow skateboarder) Ocean, Brown splits her time between California and her home of Miyazaki, on Japan’s southern-most major island, Kyushu, and is also a proficient surfer.

Born to an English father and Japanese mother, Brown turned professional at the age 10 and is Nike’s youngest sponsored athlete. Brown has said she is hoping to provide inspiration to young female skateboarders and encourage more young women to take up the sport when she drops onto the course in Tokyo. headtopics.com

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