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Olympic swimmer Calaeb Dressel's wife becomes a social media star

Olympic swimmer Caeleb Dressel's wife reveals 'sacrifices' he made to win five gold medals

8/4/2021 6:21:00 AM

Olympic swimmer Caeleb Dressel 's wife reveals 'sacrifices' he made to win five gold medals

Caeleb, 24, and Meghan, 23, appeared on the Today show with the swimmer's parents on Tuesday morning, just hours after he returned to the U.S.

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PM announces 1.25% National Insurance hike to pay for social care in England

Boris Johnson's social care plan was signed off by ministers at a Cabinet meeting earlier on Tuesday after days of fury from Tory backbenchers and MPs will vote on the proposals on Wednesday.

Charlotte Dujardin's journey from two-year-old horse rider to Olympic championOlympic champion and dressage star Charlotte has claimed her sixth Olympic medal since she started riding aged two How is she the athlete? The horse does all the work.

Influencer 'scammed £17m to fund luxury lifestyle he bragged about on Instagram'Ramon Abbas, 37, known on social media as 'Hushpuppi', gained 2.4million followers online after posting extravagant photographs of five-star hotels and luxury cars Hey, if he can, most would. The Bottom up thieves in Kenya fit the Abbas glass class. Influencer = Unemployed con man.

Gavin and Stacey's Joanna Page, 44, announces 'surprise' pregnancy with baby number fourGAVIN AND STACEY star Joanna Page dropped a surprise announcement on social media today, revealing she is pregnant with her fourth child.

Mother's husband became her wife when he transitioned to become womanGabrielle Van Dyk, 35, from Ontario, Canada, has told how her husband Tea-Lynn became her wife when he transitioned to become a woman - adding that she is 'happier than ever.' More like a freak show. Defeats the purpose, no? Headache 🤕

North West’s artwork: Kim Kardashian’s friend Brian Austin Green hits back at critics claiming it’s fakeSocial media users reacted with disbelief after Kardashian posted North West’s artwork earlier this year It is fake, like Kim Kardashian hehe. Well if White Chocolate says it's real... Okay post a raw video of the child painting a picture with no help and I’ll believe it

Olympian Luke Campbell says he retired so he didn’t end up in rehabOlympic star Luke Campbell decided to put family first and step out of the boxing ring, after an amazing career winning gold and being awarded an MBE